Information for participants

  • This page is for the 2019 Summer School. It will be updated for the 2020 SummerSchool

Summer School Location

All workshops and other Summer School related activities will be held at the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), Lugano West Campus, Centrocivico, Via Giuseppe Buffi 13, CH-6900 Lugano.

Here is a link to google maps. Click here to find information on how to get to the University, as well as an overview map of the Campus . [Annotated map].

When you arrive at the University…

When you arrive at the University main building, you should go directly to your workshop’s teaching room; there is no formal registration.  Teaching rooms will be signposted at the entrance of the main building.

Your instructor will give you a sheet with further information, as well as directions on how to use the computing facilities. There will be a Welcome Reception on Monday evening at 17h30.

Teaching rooms

Regular five-day workshops
All teaching rooms are located on the ground floor of the Informatics building.

  • The Informatics building, also called the Black Building) is located behind the Main building. To reach it, enter the main building, take the stairs down, leave the building through the sliding door (open space below the Mensa), then enter the building to your left. All teaching rooms are located on the ground floor.
  • The room numbers for the workshops will be sign posted at the entrance of the Main and Informatics buildings.

Week 1: 19-23.8.2019

SI 003 Schmidt/Davidov: Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)  
SI 004 Horber: Statistics with SPSS for Social Scientists 
SI 006 Mello: Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)
SI 007 Gibbert: Case Studies: Design, Methods, and Reporting     
SI 008 Hills: Content Analysis and Natural Language Processing  
SI 013 Guest: Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Experimental Design

Week 2: 26-30.8.2019

SI 004 Bell: Multilevel Analysis  
SI 006 Kernbach: Designing Your (Academic) Future  
SI 007 O'Reilly: Ethnographic Methods  
SI 008 Lomi: Analysis of Social Networks 
SI 013 Schlüter: Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling

Two- day Preliminary workshop 16-17.8.2019: 
The SPSS/Statistics Refresher will be held in room 156 (Computer lab in the main building) located on the first floor. When you walk into the building through the main entrance you will be on the second floor!): take the stairs down, then turn left and then, in the central corridor, turn right; you will find lab 156 some 50m down the hall on your left side. (It has two entrances, take the second, as the first is normally locked). Alternatively, you can take the side-entrance, located some 50 meters to the left of the main entrance; then within the building, turn left. [Annotated map]

Events and Schedules

  1. Friday, August 16, 10h00-18h: Preliminary workshops (day 1)
  2. Saturday, August 17, 8h30-18h: Preliminary workshops (day 2)
  3. August 19 – 23 (Monday through Friday): 8h30-18h00: Workshops Week 1
  4. Monday, August 19, 17 h 30: Opening reception (1st week)
  5. August 26 – 30 (Monday through Friday): 8h30-18h00: Workshops Week 2
  6. Monday, August 26, 17 h 30: Opening reception (2nd week)

Daily schedules are specific to each workshop; the instructor will inform you at the beginning of the workshop.

When to arrive, when to leave

As regular workshops start at 8 h 30 on Monday, you should arrive on Sunday evening; plan to leave on Saturday, unless you can reach home when leaving Lugano Friday, late afternoon. Preliminary workshops start at 10h00 on Friday.


If you need to reserve accommodation, see here for further information and advice on how to find a hotel or pension.

Traveling to Lugano

If you are traveling from a foreign country, you will find information on how to get to Lugano here. If you wish to visit the area during the weekends between the workshops or before/after the Summer School, you will find some useful links here.


  • FORS (Mrs. Denise Bloch) takes care of the administration; she will be able to answer general questions about the Summer School. Send an e-mail to Denise.Bloch “at”
  • For questions regarding academic aspects of the Summer School, contact: Eugen.Horber “at”
  • Answers to common questions can be found on the FAQ page

Summer School Evaluation

After the Summer School you will receive an e-mail, asking you to fill in an online evaluation questionnaire. Please help us make a better Summer School by filling it in. If you have suggestions, ideas etc for future Summer Schools, please use the link provided on the home page and use the corresponding form to transmit them. If you prefer, you can also send an e-mail to the Summer School director. Thank you very much for your collaboration.