15th conference on “Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe”

08/03/2021 - 10/03/2021

This conference will address the theme: „Increasing Divergence and Changing Social Trends in Europe? Longer-term Developments and Consequences of the Pandemic“.

11th International Conference of Panel Data Users in Switzerland

09/06/2021 - 10/06/2021

Submit your session proposal, your abstract for a presentation or a poster no later than 31.01.2021. The conference is interdisciplinary and we welcome participants from all areas of the social sciences.


Just published: 2 new FORS GUIDES on survey methods

The FORS Guides offer support to researchers & students in social sciences, who intend to collect data & to teachers at University level, who want to teach their students the basics of survey methods & data management.

Der kumulative VOTO Datensatz 2016-2020 ist soeben erschienen

Das Forschungsprojekt VOTO untersuchte nach jeder eidgenössischen Volksabstimmung die Beweggründe für die Teilnahme und die Entscheide der Schweizer Stimmberechtigten. Die anonymisierten Daten stehen nun für Sekundäranalysen zur Verfügung.

New FORS Working paper available

„Sequentially mixing modes in an election survey“ by Oliver Lipps and Nicolas Pekari. This series presents findings related to survey research, focusing on methodological aspects of survey research or substantive research.

Final release of the ISSP 2018 on Religion IV

The ISSP team at the GESIS Data Archive is glad to announce the final publication of the ISSP 2018 data on Religion IV, including data from 33 countries across the world.