Eugène Horber

Prof em.

Academic Director of the Swiss Summer School in Social Science Methods

Office 5635

Languages: German, English, French


Honorary Professor at the Department of political science and International relations, University of Geneva. He holds a PhD degree in Political Science and has taught social science methodology (both quantitative and qualitative), applied computer science, and statistics at the University of Geneva. He is the director of the Swiss Summer School (Social Science Methodology); main teaching activities in the past include the Essex Summer School, the Carcassonne Summer School, the PRESTA Progamme (EU programme for South America), Eurostat/TES, ENSAE (Paris) and ENSAI (Rennes). His research interests and publications are in the area of statistical methodology (data exploration, visual data analysis), survey research and aggregate data analysis, as well as applied computer science (didactical software, hypertext) and computer assisted qualitative data analysis. He is the author of a software package for exploratory data analysis.


Social Science methods (quantitative and qualitative), data visualization and exploration, promotion of numeracy and data skills, development of e-learning/teaching web sites