Bojana Tasic

MSc in Information systems

Head of unit INDEV

+41 (0)21 692 37 33

Languages: Serbian, English, French, German


Bojana Tasic MSc, is Head the unit INDEV at FORS. She has over 15 years of commercial experience in full software development lifecycle, including requirements analysis, specification, architecture, design, implementation and test, both as development lead and as a part of development team. Bojana Tasic graduated from Information Systems at the University of Belgrade. She has over 9 years of experience in agile-scrum environment, practical knowledge of IT matters related to the research, as well as of software industry best practices.


Bojana Tasic has practical knowledge of many software engineering and design methodologies, modeling techniques, design patterns, software industry best practices and programming languages. International project management experience (technical expert for the SERSCIDA project, technical coordinator for SEEDS and SERISS projects, and active member of CESSDA technical working group). Development and team lead of all FORS IT related projects (FORSbase, SMT, “Survey Methods: Insights from the Field“ (SMIF), FORS web platform, Open Research Data Platform Switzerland (ORD@CH), etc.) and Technical Lead of SWISSUbase project.