10 - 12 oct 2022

16th Conference « Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe »

The 16th Conference « Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe » at Villa Vigoni, Loveno di Menaggio, Italy, will take place between October 10 and 12, 2022.

11 oct 2022

Free online data management webinar on Data Documentation (11.10.2022)

FORS offers free webinars as part of the Data Management Webinar Series. The next one is on Data Documentation (11.10.2022), followed by Anonymisation of quantitative data (1.11.22) & Anonymisation of qualitative data (22.11.22).

06 nov 2022

Appel à projets ch-x : enquête sociologique auprès de la jeunesse 2024/2025 et 2028/2029

Pour les cycles d’enquête 2024/2025 et 2028/2029, les ch-x cherchent un/e responsable de projet qui aura pour mission de poursuivre le projet YASS sur la base d’un concept qu’il/elle développera conformément aux directives des ch-x.

Past events

27 sept 2022

Free data management webinar on « Informed consent »

FORS offers four free webinars as part of the Data Management Webinar Series: Informed consent (27.09.22), Documentation (11.10.2022),  Anonymisation of quantitative data (1.11.22), Anonymisation of qualitative data (22.11.22).

07 - 08 sept 2022

Schweizer Methodenfestival für qualitative Forschungsmethoden 

In 15 Ateliers können sich Interessierte über den aktuellen Stand verschiedener Methoden informieren und Fragen sowie ihre eigenen Projekte mit Expertinnen und Experten diskutieren.

06 sept 2022

Get free coffee & dessert at the next FORS lunch seminar

Marlou Ramaekers from Radboud University & visiting researcher at FORS will present the following project: « Against the threat of individualization? Risk and protective factors that affect informal helping in Western countries ».

11 - 26 août 2022

26th Summer School in Social Science Methods

The programme of the 26th Summer School in Social Science Methods in Lugano is out now. Registration is open.

20 - 21 juin 2022

Online workshop: Addressing the top 10 data management questions

This data management workshop is destined to support staff, librarians, research consultants, anyone involved in the provision of data management support.

03 - 05 mai 2022

Submit your idea now for the 2nd Swiss Open Research Data Hackathon.

Developers, students, academics and service providers from Switzerland and beyond are invited to connect on ideas, projects and tools in this three-day hackathon. Submit your ideas no later than April 14, 2022.

07 avril 2022

Register now for the FORS Data Re-use Webinar

The FORS Data Re-use webinar will familiarize researchers with the concept and value of secondary data and how to obtain secondary data at FORS.

29 mars 2022

Join us for the next Methods and Research Meeting 

We welcome Marion Repetti from the Institut de recherche en Travail social at the HEVS. The title of her talk is: Living conditions of retirees living abroad. A qualitative comparative analysis of public policies.

08 mars 2022

FORS Lunch seminar

Marieke Voorpostel from FORS will present findings from the Wellways-project: Evénements et transitions critiques dans le domaine de la famille et de l’emploi et le bienêtre dans ses multiples dimensions. From 12:45 to 13:45 in room 5899 at Géopolis/UNIL.

04 - 05 nov 2021

8ème Festival suisse des méthodes qualitatives : le qualitatif en santé

Le 8ème Festival suisse des méthodes qualitatives est organisé par l’Unité Sociologie du Département des sciences sociales. Il est axé cette année sur les questions de santé. Cette thématique est incontournable dans la période que nous vivons.

16 - 17 sept 2021

Conference: Stay tuned to the Future. Impact of research infrastructures 2.0.

Exchange on the meaning of impact and its variation between and within different fields and research infrastructures. Exchange on the measurement of impact. Showcase where and how infrastructures in different field create impact and much more!

13 - 15 sept 2021

6th Swiss Household Panel (SHP) workshop

This course is an introduction to the management and exploration of the various types of Swiss Household Panel (SHP) data, using R and the R-Studio environment.

10 juin 2021

11th International Conference of Panel Data Users in Switzerland

This edition includes thematic sessions that cover a wide variety of topics, such as health and well-being, education and labour market, families, migration, or politics and attitudes. It also includes a special session organized by TREE as well as by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office.

01 juin 2021

FORS Lunch seminar on collecting highly sensitive health data from a hospital register

Henk Verloo (HES-SO Valais-Wallis), Boris Wernli (FORS) and Filipa Pereira (HES-SO Valais-Wallis) will refer on methodological considerations and outcomes of routinely collecting highly sensitive health data from a hospital register.

23 mars 2021

Swiss COVID-19 Data Symposium. Register now !

The Swiss Covid-19 Data Symposium will give social sciences researchers an overview of different datasets that can be analyzed to assess the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on numerous aspects of individuals’ everyday lives. Register now !