The Swiss Household Panel (SHP) is a unique longitudinal survey in the social sciences interviewing all household members of a random sample of private households in Switzerland since 1999. The principal aim of this annual panel study is to observe social change, in particular the dynamics of changing living conditions in the population of Switzerland (Tillmann et al. 2021).


The beta-version of wave 25 is out!

We are pleased to announce that the beta-version of wave 25 of the Swiss Household Panel has been published on SWISSUbase.

A new study on the well-being of older adults

A new study found that older adults experienced increased stress and decreased life satisfaction and positive affect after the Covid-19 pandemic, indicating greater difficulties adapting to the uncertain post-pandemic world.

“seqSHP”: a new R package that simplifies the creation of SHP files

This package provides functions for extracting, assembling, and matching user-specified variable data into sequences with variables from unique files.

Call for contributions on Longitudinal Survey Data

The SHP team has published a call for contributions for the Research Topic “Exploring Social Stratification Dynamics: Insights from Longitudinal Survey Data”. Submit your abstract until July 31, 2024.

Open access publication with SHP-data

Anniversary publications for 20 years of SHP

This open access book describes based on the Swiss Household Panel data how the lives of the Swiss population have changed in terms of health, family circumstances, work, political participation, and migration since 1999. Read more.
In 2019, the SHP has celebrated its 20th anniversary. On this occasion, we have published a flyer presenting the panel in general terms as well as a brochure demonstrating its richness and the usefulness of longitudinal data.