The following questions and answers should help you with your research based on the SHP data. Between 2013 and 2019, the SHP was also involved in the associated studies SHP LIVES Vaud and LIVES FORS Cohort. The following information applies to all three studies.

Accessing the SHP data

How can I obtain the data?

How much does the data cost?

What are the terms of use for the SHP data?

Am I allowed to share the data with others?

I am teaching a course/seminar. Am I allowed to share the data with my students?

Where can I download the data from the SHP, the SHP LIVES Vaud, and the LIVES FORS Cohort?

Merging data files

What are master files (SHP_MP and SHP_MH)?

How can I merge several data files?

Data analysis

What is the best way to gain an overview of the SHP?

Which is the most appropriate method to analyse the data?

How can the unique samples of the SHP be distinguished?

Why are there so many missing values in my data?

Can I compare the data from the Swiss Household Panel with data from other countries?


Where is the best place to obtain information about the SHP survey weights?

What is the difference between cross-sectional and longitudinal weights?

Why do some cases have a weight of 0 or -3?

What is the weighting scheme for the SHP LIVES Vaud and the LIVES FORS Cohort data?

Other questions

Why do I sometimes obtain contradictory results when comparing different variables concerning, for example, the educational level of the respondents?

Which education variable should I use?

Why does the SHP often use questions with answers on an 11-point scale?

Why is the SHP conducted annually?

Is it possible to add questions to the SHP questionnaire?