Values and attitudes

Values and attitudes of individuals within a society are typically measured using population surveys. FORS manages several large-scale surveys in Switzerland, provides access to a wide range of data on values and attitudes and contributes to research in this field.

Recent publications from FORS concerning values and attitudes

Scientific publications of FORS collaborators
The Transition to Marriage for Cohabiting Couples: Does it Shape Subjective Well-being and Opinions or Attitudes Toward Family, Ryser Valérie-Anne, Le Goff Jean-Marie, 2018/06/18. pp 47-59 in Tillman Robin, Vorpoostel Marieke, Farago Peter (eds.) Social Dynamics in Swiss Society. Empirical studies based on the Swiss Household Panel chap. 4, Springer. [DOI]

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Data at FORS about values and attitudes

Surveys managed at FORS containing data on values and attitudes in general:
Projects and datasets from FORS measuring values and attitudes related to specific topics:
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