Values and attitudes

Values and attitudes of individuals within a society are typically measured using population surveys. FORS manages several large-scale surveys in Switzerland, provides access to a wide range of data on values and attitudes and contributes to research in this field.

Recent publications from FORS concerning values and attitudes

Scientific publications of FORS collaborators
Early Child-care Arrangements and Both Parents’ Subjective Well-being. Ryser Valérie-Anne, Heers Marieke, 2022/10/17. Journal of Child and Family Studies. Peer-reviewed. [DOI][serval:BIB_D1DB2CC2DC03]

Switzerland, Quality of Life.Budowski Monica, Tillmann Robin, 2022/08/04. dans Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research, Springer. [serval:BIB_5D22B4200095]

Dimensions of end-of-life preferences in the Swiss general population aged 55+. Borrat-Besson C., Vilpert S., Jox R.J., Borasio G.D., Maurer J., 2022/08/02. Age and ageing, 51 (8) pp. afac162. Peer-reviewed. [DOI][WoS][Pmid][serval:BIB_3C42C6BADDC7]

Youth on the move? The selectiveness of temporary mobilities from a life course perspective. Haldimann Lucas, Heers Marieke, Rérat Patrick, 2022/07/24. Applied Mobilities pp. 1-20. Peer-reviewed. [URN][DOI][serval:BIB_1C54899C6CF4]

Appraisal Bias and Emotion Dispositions Are Risk Factors for Depression and Generalized Anxiety: Empirical Evidence. Scherer Klaus R., Costa Marco, Ricci-Bitt Pio, Ryser Valérie-Anne, 2022/07/04. Frontiers in Psychology, 13 (857419) pp. 1-16. Peer-reviewed. [DOI][serval:BIB_87B6A416CFA1]

Perceptions and knowledge regarding medical situations at the end of life among older adults in Switzerland. Meier Clément, Vilpert Sarah, Borasio Gian Domenico, Maurer Jürgen, Jox Ralf J., 2022/06/29. Journal of Palliative Medicine. Peer-reviewed. [DOI][serval:BIB_4899CF98A656]

Overwhelmed by Learning in Lockdown: Effects of Covid-19-enforced Homeschooling on Parents’ Wellbeing. Heers Marieke, Lipps Oliver, 2022/06/23. Social Indicators Research. Peer-reviewed. [URN][DOI][serval:BIB_6B41BA7C840E]

The gendered consequences of the COVID‐19 lockdown on unpaid work in Swiss dual earner couples with children. Steinmetz Stephanie, Vandecasteele Leen, Lebert Florence, Voorpostel Marieke, Lipps Oliver, 2022/06/18. Gender, Work; Organization. [URN][DOI][serval:BIB_83C83B879A25]

Views on a “Good Death”: End-of-Life Preferences and Their Association With Socio-Demographic Characteristics in a Representative Sample of Older Adults in Switzerland. Borrat-Besson C., Vilpert S., Borasio G.D., Maurer J., 2022/06. Omega, 85 (2) pp. 409-428. Peer-reviewed. [URN][DOI][WoS][Pmid][serval:BIB_4124A0A7998E]

Gender role attitudes and father practices as predictors of nonresident father-child contact. Heers Marieke, Szalma Ivett, 2022/04/21. PLOS ONE, 17 (4) pp. e0266801. Peer-reviewed. [DOI][Pmid][serval:BIB_873DCB68D9F5]

Identifying Research Quality in the Social Sciences. Ochsner Michael, 2022/04/12. pp. 48-66 dans Engels Tim C. E., Kulczycki Emanuel (eds.) Handbook on Research Assessment in the Social Sciences chap. 4, Edward Elgar. [URN][serval:BIB_AB4513EFF8D6]

National Research Evaluation Systems and the Social Sciences. Ochsner Michael, Peruginelli Ginevra, 2022/04/12. pp. 416-433 dans Engels Tim C. E., Kulczycki Emanuel (eds.) Handbook on Research Assessment in the Social Sciences chap. 26, Edward Elgar. [URN][serval:BIB_F8DED5348DC3]

Giovani donne in Svizzera: a che punto sono oggi? Bornatici Christina, 2022/04/07. Frauenfragen – Questions au féminin – Questioni femminili pp. 100-111. [URN][serval:BIB_7C24E78FD39B]

Jeunes femmes en Suisse : où en sont-elles aujourd’hui ? Bornatici Christina, 2022/04/07. Frauenfragen – Questions au féminin – Questioni femminili pp. 76-87. [URN][serval:BIB_D31098D4E12C]

La situation des jeunes femmes en Suisse : Revue de la littérature. Bornatici Christina, 2022/04/07. 108, Commission fédérale pour les questions féminines CFQF. [URN][serval:BIB_C8E5B27942B3]

Junge Frauen in der Schweiz: Wo stehen sie heute? Bornatici Christina, 2022/04/07. Frauenfragen – Questions au féminin – Questioni femminili pp. 88-99. [URN][serval:BIB_BF1C7E160189]

Buddy or burden? Patterns, perceptions, and experiences of pet ownership among older adults in Switzerland. Meier Clément, Maurer Jürgen, 2022/04/02. European Journal of Ageing. Peer-reviewed. [serval:BIB_853170B80F5E]

Health literacy among older adults in Switzerland: cross-sectional evidence from a nationally representative population-based observational study. Meier C., Vilpert S., Borrat-Besson C., Jox R.J., Maurer J., 2022/03/28. Swiss medical weekly, 152 pp. w30158. Peer-reviewed. [URN][DOI][WoS][Pmid][serval:BIB_22F2D5B9A538]

Unplanned nursing home admission among discharged polymedicated older inpatients: a single-centre, registry-based study in Switzerland. Pereira F., Verloo H., von Gunten A., Del Río Carral M., Meyer-Massetti C., Martins M.M., Wernli B., 2022/03/04. BMJ open, 12 (3) pp. e057444. Peer-reviewed. [URN][DOI][WoS][Pmid][serval:BIB_072D9BF44B93]

The Gender Wage Gap in Peru: Drivers, Evolution, and Heterogeneities.  Vaccaro Giannina, Basurto Maria Pia, Beltrán Arlette, Montoya Mariano, 2022/01/25. Social Inclusion, 10 (1) pp. 19-34. [DOI][serval:BIB_F76E5104D916]

Policies and prejudice: Integration policies moderate the link between immigrant presence and anti-immigrant prejudice. Kende Judit, Sarrasin Oriane, Manatschal Anita, Phalet Karen, Green Eva G. T., 2022/01/20. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. [DOI][Pmid][serval:BIB_1C2DDD4645C6]

Sensing “Subtle Spirituality” among Environmentalists: a Swiss Study. Becci Irene, Monnot Christophe, Wernli Boris, 2021/07/23. Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture, Special Issue : Toward a “Spiritualization” of Ecology? Sociological Perspectives from Francophone Contexts, 15 (3) pp. XX-XX.[serval:BIB_5F6643ACFFE5]

L’évolution du stress en Suisse – la première vague de la pandémie, une pause pour les personnes stressées / Die Entwicklung von Stress in der Schweiz – die erste Welle der Pandemie verschafft gestressten Menschen eine Pause.  Klaas Hannah S., Kuhn Ursina, Refle Jan-Erik, Voorpostel Marieke, Ryser Valérie-Anne, Dasoki Nora, Tillmann Robin, 2021/07/05. Social change in Switzerland, 26. [DOI][serval:BIB_6BCB2EF1EFD7]

Welfare solidarities in the age of mass migration: evidence from European Social Survey 2016. Gugushvili Dimitri, Ravazzini Laura, Ochsner Michael, Lukac Martin, Lelkes Orsolya, Fink Marcel, Grand Peter, van Oorschot Wim, 2021/04. Acta Politica, 56 (2) pp. 351-375. Peer-reviewed. [URN][DOI][WoS][serval:BIB_4358485C1358]

Augmented wealth in Switzerland: the influence of pension wealth on wealth inequality. Kuhn Ursina, 2020/12. Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, 156 (1). [URN][DOI][serval:BIB_B562878B7716]

Changing Attitudes Towards Gender Equality in Switzerland (2000-2017): Period, Cohort and Life-Course Effects. Bornatici Christina, Gauthier Jacques-Antoine, Le Goff Jean-Marie, 2020/11/26. Swiss Journal of Sociology, 46 (3) pp. 559-585. Peer-reviewed. [URN][DOI][serval:BIB_2D56DA79E023]

The European Values Study 2017: On the Way to the Future Using Mixed-Modes. Luijkx Ruud, Jónsdóttir Guðbjörg Andrea, Gummer Tobias, Ernst Stähli Michèle, Frederiksen Morten, Ketola Kimmo, Reeskens Tim, Brislinger Evelyn, Christmann Pablo, Gunnarsson Stefán Þór et al., 2020/11/24. European Sociological Review. Peer-reviewed. [URN][DOI][serval:BIB_44A99FABE750]

Who is most affected by the Corona crisis? An analysis of changes in stress and well-being in Switzerland. Kuhn Ursina, Klaas Hannah S., Antal Erika, Dasoki Nora, Lebert Florence, Lipps Oliver, Monsch Gian-Andrea, Refle Jan-Erik, Ryser Valérie-Anne, Tillmann Robin et al., 2020/11/21. European Societies pp. 1-15. [URN][DOI][serval:BIB_CC8960BB56F5]

Early retirement as a privilege for the rich? A comparative analysis of Germany and Switzerland. Kuhn Ursina, Grabka Markus M., Suter Christian, 2020/11. Advances in Life Course Research p. 100392. [URN][DOI][serval:BIB_B708DE1702BF]

Debt and Subjective Well-Being: Does the Type of Debt Matter? Coste Tristan, Henchoz Caroline, Wernli Boris, 2020/11/01. Swiss Journal of Sociology, 46 (3) pp. 445-465. [URN][DOI][serval:BIB_A13A2FE8DDA9]

The Impact of COVID-19 Measures on Well-Being of Older Long-Term Care Facility Residents in the Netherlands. Van der Roest Henriëtte G., Prins Marleen, van der Velden Claudia, Steinmetz Stephanie, Stolte Elske, van Tilburg Theo G., de Vries Danny H., 2020/11. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 21 (11) pp. 1569-1570. Peer-reviewed. [URN][DOI][WoS][Pmid][serval:BIB_8289C5C74B2A]

Large loss in studying time during the closure of schools in Switzerland in 2020. Grätz Michael, Lipps Oliver, 2020/10/30. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 71 p. 100554. Peer-reviewed. [URN][DOI][Pmid][serval:BIB_8A0CE856F827]

Investigating the Relative Impact of Different Sources of Measurement Non-Equivalence in Comparative Surveys. An Illustration with Scale Format, Data Collection Mode and Cross-National Variations. Roberts Caroline, Sarrasin Oriane, Ernst Stähli Michèle, 2020/10/10. Survey Research Methods, 14 (4) pp. 399-415. Peer-reviewed. [URN][DOI][serval:BIB_424A8E8E756E]

Division of Labour, Work–Life Conflict and Family Policy: Conclusions and Reflections. Ochsner Michael, Szalma Ivett, Takács Judit, 2020/10/09. Social Inclusion, 8 (4) pp. 103-109. Peer-reviewed. [DOI][serval:BIB_EFEB2D21BC8C]

The effect of unemployment on couples separating. Panel evidence for Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. di Nallo Alessandro, Lipps Oliver, Oesch Daniel, Voorpostel Marieke, 2020/08/27. DIAL Working Papers 14 pp. 1-41. [URN][serval:BIB_BE1E3E5258D2]

Loneliness and Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Study Among Dutch Older Adults. van Tilburg Theo G, Steinmetz Stephanie, Stolte Elske, van der Roest Henriëtte, de Vries Daniel H, 2020/08/05. The Journals of Gerontology: Series B. [URN][DOI][Pmid][serval:BIB_7859FF1085AD]

Views on a “Good Death”: End-of-Life Preferences and Their Association With Socio-Demographic Characteristics in a Representative Sample of Older Adults in Switzerland. Borrat-Besson Carmen, Vilpert Sarah, Borasio Gian Domenico, Maurer Jürgen, 2020/07/29. OMEGA – Journal of Death and Dying p. 003022282094507. [URN][DOI][Pmid][serval:BIB_4124A0A7998E]

Social, cultural and experiential patterning of attitudes and behaviour towards assisted suicide in Switzerland: evidence from a national population-based study. Vilpert S., Bolliger E., Borrat-Besson C., Borasio G.D., Maurer J., 2020/06/15. Swiss medical weekly, 150 pp. w20275. Peer-reviewed. [URN][DOI][Pmid][serval:BIB_C5A0875E9954]

Associations of end-of-life preferences and trust in institutions with public support for assisted suicide evidence from nationally representative survey data of older adults in Switzerland. Vilpert Sarah, Borrat-Besson Carmen, Borasio Gian Domenico, Maurer Jürgen, 2020/04/23. PLOS ONE, 15 (4) pp. e0232109. Peer-reviewed. [URN][DOI][WoS][Pmid][serval:BIB_73A2EDABF995]

Trapped in Precariousness? Risks and Opportunities of Female Immigrants and Natives Transitioning from Part-Time Jobs in Spain. Muñoz-Comet Jacobo, Steinmetz Stephanie, 2020/04/08. Work, Employment and Society p. 095001702090297. [DOI][WoS][serval:BIB_A4F8282876B9]

Enforcing Your Own Human Rights? The Role of Social Norms in Compliance with Human Rights Treaties. Benneker Violet, Gërxhani Klarita, Steinmetz Stephanie, 2020/03/20. Social Inclusion, 8 (1) pp. 184-193. [DOI][serval:BIB_D3313383A11F]

The ISSP 2017 Social Networks and Social Resources Module. Sapin Marlène, Joye Dominique, Wolf Christof, 2020/01/31. International Journal of Sociology, 50 (1) pp. 1-25. [URN][DOI][serval:BIB_93F9EE8A1290]

No stratified effect of unemployment on incomes. How the market, state and household compensate for income loss in the UK and Switzerland. Di Nallo Alessandro, Oesch Daniel, 2020. DIAL Working Paper Series. [URN][serval:BIB_526C02DC651A]

Understanding the reconstruction of personal networks through residential trajectories. Ganjour Olga, Viry Gil, Gauthier Jacques-Antoine, Widmer Eric D., Drevon Guillaume, Kaufmann Vincent, 2020. Migration Letters, 5 pp. 621-638. Peer-reviewed. [serval:BIB_C199CAD26884]

The social-origin gap in university graduation by gender and immigrant status: a cohort analysis for Switzerland. Combet Benita, Oesch Daniel, 2020. Longitudinal and Life Course Studies. [URN][DOI][serval:BIB_CEBE7E9F998E]

ENRESSH: a mission to D-land. Gedutis Aldis, Ochsner Michael, 2020. Deeds and Days, 73 pp. 93-104. Peer-reviewed. [DOI][serval:BIB_08EE660ACBCB]

Being born to a single mother in France: trajectories of father’s involvement over the first year of life. Pailhé Ariane, Panico Lidia, Heers Marieke, 2020. Longitudinal and Life Course Studies, 11 (1) pp. 123-149. Peer-reviewed. [DOI][serval:BIB_1A1F6A96870A]

Challenging evaluation in SSH: round table discussion. Benneworth Paul, Engels Tim C. E., Galleron Ioana, Kulczycki Emanuel, Ochsner Michael, Sivertsen Gunnar, Šinkūnienė Jolanta, Williams Geoffrey, 2020. Deeds and Days (DD), 73 pp. 107-126. [URN][serval:BIB_3074EBCDC040]

The social origin gap in university completion among youth with comparable school abilities in Switzerland. Combet Benita, Oesch Daniel, 2020. TREE Working Paper Series. [URN][serval:BIB_03C32120A6E7]

Diversité des trajectoires individuelles sur le long terme : apport des analyses longitudinales en général et de l’analyse de séquence en particulier. Gauthier Jacques-Antoine, 2020. Informations sociales, 1 (201) pp. 14-24. Peer-reviewed. [serval:BIB_1FD1AFB11B33]


For all scientific publications by FORS collaborators see here.

Contributions to blogs, newspapers and other non-scientific media
Les inégalités d’espérance de vie en bonne santé en Suisse depuis 1990 / Ungleiche Lebenserwartungen bei guter Gesundheit in der Schweiz seit 1990

02.11.2022 HR today
“Importants écarts sociaux en matière d’espérance de vie.”

25.10.2022 Le Temps
“Non, nous ne vivons pas tous plus longtemps en bonne santé.”

25.10.2022 Luzerner Zeitung, St. Galler Tagblatt, Aargauer Zeitung
“Weshalb es Büezern im Alter schlechter geht als Akademikerinnen – und was das mit den Renten zu tun hat.”

La mobilité éducative des Secondos en Suisse / Die Bildungsmobilität der Secondos in der Schweiz

26.07.2022 SWI
“Im Aufwind: Secondas und Secondos in der Schweiz gebildeter als ihre Eltern.”

05.07.2022 Le Temps
“Les secondos en Suisse surpassent leurs parents en termes d’éducation.”

“Bildungsaufstieg für Migrantenkinder aus Balkan schwieriger.”

“Studimi: Fëmijët e migrantëve nga Kosova, me shkallën më të ulët të përfshirjes në arsimimin universitar.”

06.07.2022 La Liberté
“Les secondos gravissent l’échelle sociale”

Trajectoires famille-travail et bien-être subjectif des femmes et hommes en Suisse / Der Einfluss von Familien- und Berufsverläufen auf das Wohlbefinden von Frauen und Männern in der Schweiz

01.06.2022 RTS émission Le Journal de 7h

Juillet/Juli 2022 Pro Familia
“Berufs- und Familienverläufe: Vollzeit arbeitende Mütter sind am zufriedensten”

Bildungspolitik: der Weg zu mehr Chancengleichheit. Oesch Daniel, 2021/03/02. Neue Züricher Zeitung. [URN][serval:BIB_48A450D98E1B]

„Sie wollen ihr Vor-Corona-Leben nicht zurück: Warum rekordviele Menschen eine Firma gründen“, Luzerner Zeitung, 10.07.2021

L’évolution du stress en Suisse – la première vague de la pandémie, une pause pour les personnes stressées / Die Entwicklung von Stress in der Schweiz – die erste Welle der Pandemie verschafft gestressten Menschen eine Pause

12.07.2021 Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) “Die Pandemie bedeutete nicht für alle mehr Stress”

07.07.2021 Le Temps “Le semi-confinement a déstressé les plus aisés”

06.07.2021 Der Bund “Der Lockdown ist auch ein Stresskiller”

06.07.2021 La Côte “Coronavirus: la première vague a été une pause pour les personnes stressées”

06.07.2021 Le Nouvelliste “Coronavirus: la première vague a été une pause pour les personnes stressées”

06.07.2021  RTS info “La pandémie, une pause pour les personnes stressées”

06.07.2021 World in 24 “The first wave was a break for…”

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