Welcome to the website of the “Selects-Civique” Study!

Thank you for your interest in our research. These pages will give you all the information you need to understand the background and purpose of this study, and answer any questions you may have about taking part.

The Selects-Civique study is a survey designed to understand the issues and local civic causes that are most important to citizens in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. We are also interested in people’s perceptions of the election campaign in their local area, their voting choices, and what influences their opinions over the course of the campaign.

You will notice that the “Selects-Civique” study forms part of a larger-scale study in Switzerland called “Selects“. There are two main differences:

  1. “Selects-Civique” is a local study being conducted alongside Selects, with a focus on the Swiss-romande community;
  2. “Selects-Civique” is partly being conducted with the help of the Civique data collection platform, with a view to improving how we design future Selects surveys.

Part of these improvements include reducing the length of the questionnaires and adapting the types of questions we ask, hopefully making it more convenient and more interesting for you to take part.

Thank you for being part of our study!

What is the SELECTS Civique study about?
As part of the Swiss Election Study (Selects), the Swiss Center for Expertise in the Social Science (FORS), social scientists from the University of Lausanne, and social computer scientists from the  EPFL-IDIAP are carrying out an important study on the opinions of Swiss citizens living in French speaking part of Switzerland (Selects-Civique), and the local civic causes that are most important to the inhabitants of this region.

As we are particularly interested in changes of opinion related to the election campaign, we will contact participants two times before and once after the election, to invite them to complete questionnaires.

Why is your participation important?
If you received a letter from us, than you are one out of 2000 people who are part of a randomly selected sample, drawn by the Federal Statistical Office from their sampling frame based on population registers (see 30. June 1993, Art. 13c, Abs.2, Bst. d. or FADP 431.012.1). Only people who received an invitation letter from us, addressed to them personally, are allowed to take part in the study.

In the case of Switzerland, each randomly selected person represents thousands of other residents in their local community. It is, therefore, very important that every person selected takes part. If the selected person cannot take part, or cannot be reached, no other person can take their place otherwise the results of the survey would not be valid.

Therefore, every opinion counts!

Your participation at each stage of this study is very important, but it is completely voluntary. We are interested in hearing what you think, regardless of your political views and interests and even if, like many other Swiss people in your region, you do not intend to participate in the elections.

What will my participation in the research involve?
Selects-Civique is a three-wave study, meaning you will be invited to participate in three separate data collection initiatives (two before and one after the federal election in October), consisting of questionnaires to complete. To help make taking part in this study easy and enjoyable, we offer an online questionnaire, which can be completed either via a web browser (e.g. on your smartphone, or on a desktop or portable computer) or via the Civique app, which you can download on your smartphone, with the help of the instructions provided (see ‘How do I start?’).

Before completing any questionnaires, you should read the data collection and data privacy policy and sign consent form, which specifies how your personal data may be collected, used and disclosed in the Selects-Civique study. By signing the consent form for the Selects-Civique study, you agree to the terms of the data collection and data privacy policy.

The Civique app was created to serve the common good and inform local civic causes by researchers at the EPFL and the Idiap Research Institute. The advantage of using the Civique app is that you can participate in the survey using your smartphone, and complete the questionnaires module-by module (called ‘Challenges’) at your own convenience, making it easier, quicker and more fun to take part.

Challenges on Civique are typically mobile data collection initiatives designed to inform local civic causes by gathering different kinds of information (e.g. photos, opinions, locations) from participants in different ways. This way, Civique aims to help both researchers and communities to document causes that matter to them, make sense of the data, and engage with people.

In the Selects-Civique study, the challenges consist mainly of short questionnaire modules relating to the issues that matter most to citizens and communities in your area, the election campaign and the role it plays in your decision about whether and how to vote. We may also ask you to use Civique to take one or two photographs. If you prefer not to provide such data, you are under no obligation to do so. Such data will be treated confidentially, and will be annotated and anonymised to allow for various data analyses.

There are no known risks to participating in this study. Most people appreciate the opportunity to share their opinion on the issues that are important to them and anybody interested in learning more about the results of the research can find out more on the FORS Selects website.

How do I start?
You will have received a letter with details of how to participate in the Selects-Civique study and instructions about how to login.

Participate via web browser

If you want to participate with the help of your web browser, you can click on this link www.selectscivique.ch/survey or you can enter it manually in the address field of your web browser. You will then be asked to enter the identification code and password, which have been sent to you in the post. After you enter these login details, you can start the survey.

How to login ito the Selects-Civique study via a browser?

Participate via “Civique.org” app

If you wish to complete the questionnaires on your smartphone, you can scan the QR code on the invitation letter with your mobile phone camera or QR code scanner, which will either directs you to your app store or to the aforementioned homepage. In both cases, please enter the email address and password provided in the invitation letter. Further instructions will then be given about how to download the “Civique.org” app.

Alternatively, you can enter this link www.civique.org and download the app, or you search in the PlayStore or App store for “civique.org” (accessible for Android 4.0.3 or iOS 9.0 or higher).

How to login to the Selects-Civique Study via app?

What happens with my responses?
Thank you for your interest in participating in the Selects-Civique study/challenges.

This data collection privacy policy specifies how personal data may be collected, used and disclosed in the Selects-Civique study. By participating in our challenges, you agree to the terms of this policy and this data privacy policy.

What information is collected in the Selects-Civique Study?

What will happen to my responses?

Who is collecting this data?

How will you protect my data?

How will the data be used?

How long will this data be stored?

What are my rights regarding this data?

What information will you collect from my Twitter account?

Technical problems
Here you will find some answers to your questions concerning technical issues you may encounter. Please contact selectscivique@fors.unil.ch or call the free-of-charge number 021 692 46 72 in the case for persistent problems (Monday to Friday: 8h00-20h00, Saturday: 8h00-17h00).

Where can I find the Selects-Civique study in the Civique.org app?

How do I find new challenges on “civique.org”?

What do I do if I don't have a smartphone or tablet to answer the questionnaire with the app?

What do I do if I accidentally log in using facebook or my own email address?

How can I change my password?

What happens if I forget my password?

Can I use the e-mail address that was sent to me to send and receive emails?

With which operating systems can I use the app ``civique.org``?

About Us
The Selects-Civique study is being carried out by a team including Prof. Dr. Caroline Roberts (University of Lausanne), Dr. Jessica Herzing (University of Lausanne/FORS), Prof. Dr. Anke Tresch (University of Lausanne/FORS) and Prof. Dr. Daniel Gatica-Perez (Idiap-EPFL), and research assistants and engineers employed by the project, which is co-funded by the EPFL-UNIL Collaborative Research on Science and Society (CROSS) programme, and FORS, through infrastructure funding provided by the Swiss National Science Foundation. For any questions, please contact: selectscivique@fors.unil.ch.

If you participate in Selects-Civique via a web browser, the Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences (FORS) will be responsible for collecting the data and storing it on the secure servers they use for their surveys. If you participate in Selects-Civique via the Civique app, then the Idiap Research Institute is responsible for collecting the data and storing it on their own secure servers. This is because the technology used for collecting the data using each method is slightly different. The data collected by Idiap Research Institute will later be compiled with those collected by FORS, to allow the researchers to analyse the data from all participants together, to get a complete picture of all the people who were invited to take part in the study.

For general or technical questions concerning this study, please contact selectscivique@fors.unil.ch or call our hotline 021 692 46 72 (Monday to Friday: 8h00-20h00, Saturday: 8h00-17h00).