Survey on the work and study climate

Information Notice

Survey presentation

The University’s administration, represented by the Equal Opportunities Office (BEC) have mandated FORS (Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences) to carry out a second survey on the work and study climate, following the one in 2022. This survey aims to better understand your daily experiences, problems, and difficulties as well as the positive aspects you may have encountered as a member of the personnel or a student of the UNIL. The results of this survey will serve to better direct and target measures aimed at ensuring good working and studying conditions. In order to carry out this survey, we ask that you complete a questionnaire, which should take around 20 minutes to complete. The purpose of the questionnaire is to gather your experiences of the work and study climate at the UNIL.

It is entirely up to you to decide whether you wish to take part in the project. At any time, you can refuse to answer certain questions or terminate the question, without any harm caused to you.

Data collection

The questionnaire is programmed and hosted on the commercial platform, Qualtrics XM -hereinafter referred to as the platform- specialized in the survey management solutions. The platform is owned by Qualtrics LCC – hereinafter referred to as Qualtrics – which is based in the United States and acts as a subcontractor for the execution of the questionnaire (contact and data collection).

The participation invitations to the survey will be managed through the platform using a list of contacts given to Qualtrics by FORS. The addresses, names and other contact information are used exclusively for communication and are in no way linked to submitted responses.

In order to enable certain functions, such as interrupting and resuming the survey at a later date, Qualtrics may collect IP addresses as well as browser location data. However, this data is permanently deleted at the end of the data collection and is in no way linked to submitted responses, nor given to FORS or the UNIL.
Throughout the collection process, the data is recorded and stored in an encrypted form on Qualtrics servers in Germany. Once collection is complete, all data is permanently deleted from Qualtrics servers, encrypted and stored on secure servers in Switzerland.

For more information on Qualtrics, we invite to visit their website.

Data access

Once the data has been collected, FORS will carry out statistical analyses and compile an anonymized report, which will be submitted to the administration and made publicly available. The report will only include aggregate information. It will be impossible to identify you.

Once the report has been published, FORS will carefully de-identify the data for storage. All information that could directly identify you will be permanently deleted. Variables which, through cross-referencing or any other statistical operation, would allow us to deduce your identity will be processed using methods (e.g. aggregation) designed to minimize as much as possible and on a permanent basis, the risk of re-identification.

De-identified data will be stored on secure servers which only FORS has access. Addition analyses may be carried out by FORS at the exclusive request of the BEC or the delegated person for the protection of the work and study climate. Only FORS is authorized to perform these analyses. The results will be shared with the BEC and the delegated person for the protection of the work and study climate in a form that does not permit any identification of specific cases. Any attempt to isolate individuals is strictly forbidden.


Your collaboration is invaluable to the realization of this project. We thank you for your time and attention.

Institutional contact details for the person in charge of the survey

Prof. Liliane Michalik, vice-rector « equality, diversity et careers »

UNIL – Centre
Unicentre – bureau 326
CH – 1015 Lausanne

Phone: +41 21 692 20 60

Damages and contacts

Any damage that I may suffer as a result of participating in this study falls under the responsibility of the UNIL administration. The conditions and procedures are fixed by the law.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact

In the event of any damage, doubt, fear, questions or emergency, during or after my participation in the study , relating to the topics covered by it, I can contact or