Karin Nisple

Lic. phil.

Scientific collaborator

+41 (0)21 692 37 43


Languages: German, Spanish, English, French, Italian


Karin Nisple has a master’s degree in Social Anthropology, International Relations and International Public Law from the University of Zurich. As part of her degree, she carried out field research on bilingual intercultural education in three Garifuna communities along Honduras’ north coast. Since then and prior to joining FORS, she worked for different institutions and organizations in the field of international migration, both in Switzerland and abroad.


Karin Nisple joined the International Survey Team at FORS in 2014. She collaborates in the preparation and implementation of the European Social Survey and the International Social Survey/MOSAiCH in Switzerland. Her main activities include the translation and assessment of international survey questionnaires for Switzerland (TRAPD, SQP-Coding, Shared languages), the observation and documentation of media events (media claims) and the preparation of advance letters and other information materials for participants and the general public.