Measurement of Sexism, Gender Identity, and Perceived Gender Discrimination: A Brief Overview and Suggestions for Short Scales



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Blondé, J., Gianettoni, L., Gross, D., & Guilley, E. (2021). Measurement of sexism, gender identity, and perceived gender discrimination: A brief overview and suggestions for short scales. FORS Working Paper Series, paper 2021-2. Lausanne. DOI:10.24440/FWP-2021-00002


The development of reliable and valid measures is a major challenge for gender-related research. Nonetheless, it is a necessary effort to undertake in order to assess gender inequalities accurately and pinpoint explanatory variables. Drawing on a social-psychological perspective that underscores the role of attitude, identity, and individual experience in examining gender issues, the present paper provides a brief review of the measures most commonly used to assess sexism, gender identity, and perceived gender-based discrimination. In addition, we offer suggestions for short measurement scales with the hope that sexism, gender identity, and gender discrimination can be included more extensively in large-scale opinion surveys.


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