First results of the Swiss Household Panel – Covid-19 Study

Jan-Erik Refle, Marieke Voorpostel, Florence Lebert, Ursina Kuhn, Hannah S. Klaas, Valérie-Anne Ryser, Nora Dasoki, Gian-Andrea Monsch, Erika Antal and Robin Tillmann

Nº 2020-1



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Refle, J.-E., Voorpostel, M., Lebert, F., Kuhn, U., Klaas, H.S., Ryser, V.-A., Dasoki, N., Monsch, G.-A., Antal, E., & Tillmann, R. (2020), First results of the Swiss Household Panel – Covid-19 Study in FORS Working Paper Series, paper 2020-1. Lausanne: FORS.

DOI: 10.24440/FWP-2020-00001

Keywords :

Covid-19, pandemic, crisis, Swiss Household Panel

Abstract :

To get more insight into how people were affected by and fared during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Swiss Household Panel launched an additional Covid-19 Survey among participating households. It was fielded between May and June 2020, right after the strictest regulations ended, but numerous restrictions were still in place. This paper presents the main findings of this study with respect to a wide variety of domains: the occurrence of Covid-19 infections in people’s networks, changes with respect to work, finances, time use, family life, following education from home, health and wellbeing, worries, social networks and social cohesion, and the evaluation of the political measures taken by the federal government.


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