Valérie-Anne Ryser


Senior researcher

+41 (0)21 692 37 40

Languages: French, English, German


Valérie-Anne Ryser holds a PhD in social sciences from the University of Lausanne. In 2008 she started to work for the Swiss Household Panel (SHP). She is involved in data control and data cleaning activities for the yearly survey. She also organizes the biennial SHP methodological workshops and gave introductory courses about the SHP data management for doctoral students and advanced researchers. Her research interests focus also on family transitions and processes of regulations in old and very old age.


Adopting a life course perspective, Valérie-Anne Ryser’s research interests follow two directions: first, she is involved in researches related to family transitions and family formation, particularly questions related to the importance of marriage in Switzerland and low rate of out-of wedlock children compared to other European countries, or compared to the United States. Second, she is interested by subjective well-being changes during the life course and particularly how old and very old people adapt to new situations despite the increase of frailty in old and especially in very old age.