Gisana Riedo

MA in Affective and Applied Psychology

Scientific collaborator

+41 (0)21 692 37 58

Languages: French, English, Italien, German


Gisana Riedo completed her Master in Affective and Applied Psychology at the University of Geneva in 2015. She joined FORS in 2019 as a scientific collaborator. During her studies, she did an academic internship at the IFRC where she worked on a survey measuring volunteers’ motivations. Prior to joining FORS, she co-founded the Behaviour Change Lab, specialized in the use of social sciences for designing and evaluating interventions.


The focus of her studies was on the impact of affective factors on attitudes, thoughts, decisions and behaviours. After her studies, she conducted surveys on various applied themes in health, social and environmental fields. At FORS, Gisana Riedo works on acquiring and running external mandates as well as participating in data collection for internal surveys.