Nicolas Pekari

MA in public and social policies

Head of group DCA

+41 (0)21 692 37 65

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Finnish, German


Nicolas Pekari has an M.A. in public and social policies from the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and an M.A. in work psychology from the University of Neuchâtel. He started working for the Swiss Electoral Study Selects in 2010 for which he currently has the operational responsibility, as well as being a web survey specialist at FORS. He is also a PhD student in political science at the University of Lausanne.


Nicolas Pekari has conducted research in survey methodology, political behaviour, welfare state attitudes, and higher education. He currently focuses on web survey methodology and the challenges posed by technological changes to general population surveys. He is responsible for conducting many large-scale web surveys for Selects as well as other projects at FORS.