Christina Bornatici

MA in socioeconomy

Data service expert

+41 (0)21 692 38 90

Languages: French, English, German


Christina Bornatici holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations and a master’s degree in socioeconomics from the University of Geneva. Since August 2015, she has been working as a researcher and data archivist at FORS. Concurrently, she is pursuing her doctoral studies at the University of Lausanne.

Christina is an affiliated researcher of the Swiss Centre of Expertise in Life Course Research (LIVES), a member of the Gender Research Committee of the Swiss Sociological Association, and an editor of the Revue pluridisciplinaire d’Education par et pour les Doctorant·es (RED).



At FORS, Christina primarily contributes to interinstitutional projects on open science, data archiving, and data sharing, both nationally and internationally. FORS is a service provider to the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA), where Christina coordinates multiple projects involving collaboration with staff from various European research data infrastructures. Notably, Christina has led initiatives such as developing mentorship programmes, establishing a resource directory for data repository staff, and advocating for data citations. At the national level, Christina actively participates in the recORD project, which aims to integrate Open Research Data practices and expertise into research assessment. With her multidisciplinary background in sociology, political science, demography, and economics, combined with her active research role, Christina also provides valuable insights and support to social science researchers seeking to archive and share their data.

Christina’s research focuses on the study of attitudes and behaviours regarding gender equality, which she explores from a combined gender and life course perspective using quantitative and longitudinal research methods. Additionally, she engages in reflections on research practices, particularly on gender measurement indicators.