Annika Lindholm


Research Associate

Office 5413

+41 (0)21 692 38 51

Languages: English, French, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish


Annika Lindholm has a PhD in the social sciences from the University of Lausanne. At FORS she is centrally involved in the coordination of the Secretariat of the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP). She has formerly been associated with the coordination of the Comparative Candidate Survey (CCS) and the Monitoring Electoral Democracy (MEDem) project.


Annika’s main research interests include the interplay between emotions, well-being, public opinion and electoral behaviour. She specializes in survey research and prioritizes a comparative and longitudinal perspective in her empirical work. Her current research projects focus on the inequality and redistribution attitudes of radical right-wing voters. At FORS, she is also doing research in survey methodology, in particular on mode effects in mixed-mode surveys.