Data Sharing in the Social Sciences


FORS Guide Nº 21

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Heers, M. (2023). Data sharing in the Social Sciences. FORS Guide No. 21, Version 1.0. Lausanne: Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences FORS. doi:10.24449/FG-2023-00021


In social science research there is a push towards open research and open data. Open Data implies that researchers make their data available to other researchers so that the data can be re-used. This Guide describes the requirements and provides researchers with guidance on how and where to share social science research data with focus on the Swiss research environment.


  • Start thinking about data sharing at the start of the project. This also includes proper documentation of the project and the data. If good data management practices are applied throughout the project, then sharing is the relatively easy final step.
  • Make the data underlying scientific journals available. This will not only contribute to scientific transparency but might also increase the number of citations of your work.
  • Check out SWISSUbase and the services it offers for the Swiss social science research community.

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