Snehal Kumbhar

MSC in informatics

Senior software developer

Office 5640


Languages: English, Marathi, Hindi, French


Snehal Kumbhar completed her master degree in Informatics at University of Edinburgh, UK. She has over 12 years of professional experience in the industry sector and in the academic environment. She further has a profound knowledge in software development, especially web services, databases, scientific workflows and deployments. Snehal has contributed to all stages of the software development life cycle, including requirement gathering, design and architecture, implementation and testing. Before joining FORS, she has worked with IBM, the Jülich Research Center in Germany and at the EPFL in Lausanne.


Snehal specialises in the following domains: Development technologies (Angular / AngularJS framework, HTML, Sass, JavaScript, Typescript libraries, etc.), Python Web Frameworks (Django, Flask, Tastypie), RESTful APIs, Automation and Scalability tools (Openstack, Docker, AWS, Ansible), Databases (Postgres & MySQL), Performance analysis and optimisation of large data accessed through scientific service.

She is currently working on the SWISSUbase project.