Hannah Klaas


Senior researcher

Office 5635

+41 (0)21 692 60 41


Languages: German, French, English


Hannah Klaas is currently involved in the FORS surveys that are produced in collaboration with the NCCR LIVES. She conducted her PhD research within the interdisciplinary laboratories of NCCR LIVES and the Life Course and Inequality Research Centre at the University of Lausanne. For her doctoral thesis in psychology, she collaborated with FORS in order to develop a self-administered questionnaire survey based on a subsample of the Swiss Household Panel. Before joining the University of Lausanne, she obtained a diploma in psychology with a focus on clinical psychology, social psychology, and neuropsychology at the University of Munich, as well as a bachelor’s degree in comparative literature and art history.


Hannah Klaas is interested in interdisciplinary and multi-method approaches. Her research investigates the interplay between people’s health and social variables (e.g., social integration, social categories or identities, social norms), and combines perspectives from clinical psychology, health psychology, social psychology, sociology, and the life course. In her PhD, she investigated how psychological (e.g., depression) and physical (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis) health problems can have positive consequences for people’s lives and their personal development (adversarial growth). She also analysed how experiences of stigmatisation relate to adversarial growth and recovery. She has experience with survey development, quantitative and qualitative data production and analysis, and has worked on Swiss Household Panel data and a questionnaire study involving a subsample of the SHP.