Swiss Household Panel Workshop

June 7-10, 2022
University of Lausanne

June 7-9: Panel Event Designs and Panel Regression Models

June 7: Basics of Panel Data Analysis (Input and Hands-on Sessions)
June 8: Panel Regression: Basics (Input and Hands-on Sessions)
June 9: Panel Regression: Advanced Issues (Input and Hands-on Sessions)

June 10: The Swiss Household Panel: an introduction to the survey and data management with SPSS

June 7-9, 2022: Panel Event Designs and Panel Regression Models

Dr. Marco Giesselmann, University of Zurich

Many datasets used in social science are organized as longitudinal data: units are not measured once, but repeatedly. Such longitudinal data offer unique analytical potentials, specifically for causal inference. This course offers an introduction into the most important multivariate methods to analyze panel data in the social sciences: Panel Event Designs, Fixed Effects and Multilevel Analysis (Random Effects and Hybrid Models). Based on regression mechanics, these techniques capture the longitudinal structure of the data and distinguish within- and between-unit effects. We apply these techniques based on microdata from the Swiss Household Panel (SHP). We use examples from research on attitudes and well-being.

The course will be given in a computer lab. It will consist in a mix between theoretical presentations of key concepts and practical exercises. The R statistical environment will be privileged, but data sets will also be provided for Stata.

Short biography: Dr. Marco Giesselmann, University of Zurich

Marco Giesselmann is a research assistant at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Zurich. Publications include articles and textbooks on poverty and low-wage work, on the economic consequences of critical life events, and on the methodology of longitudinal data analysis. His research was awarded with the Advances in Life Course Research Young Scholar Award, the Atkinson Prize of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality (ECINEQ) and the publication award from the Society of Friends of DIW Berlin. Before joining the Institute of Sociology, he was assistant professor for quantitative methods at the University of Bielefeld and research associate at the Research Data Center of the Socio-Economic Panel study (SOEP) in Berlin.


June 10, 2022: The Swiss Household Panel: an introduction to the survey and data management with SPSS


The aim of the additional day on June 10 is to deepen your knowledge on the SHP. You can easily join this workshop even if you did not participate in the workshop from June 7 to 9! This one-day workshop provides a detailed presentation of the SHP data for students, PhD students and researchers. In the SHP, information is collected at the individual level as well as at the household level. This enlarges the possibilities of analyses, but also adds complexity to the use of the data. In this workshop, we will give an introduction to the structure of the SHP and we will construct several data files, for instance the kind of files that are used by Dr. Marco Giesselmann in the workshop from June 7 to 9. We will merge different types of files (e.g. combine individual and household information) or several annual individual files. Furthermore, we will construct long files for longitudinal analyses as well as partner files that offer the possibility to analyze mutual influences of partners. The participants will also have the opportunity to construct data files for their own research projects with SHP data with the support of the workshop leaders. We will use SPSS.


For the “Panel Event Designs and Panel Regression Models” workshop, solid knowledge of basic multiple regression techniques is required.

For the introduction to the SHP and data management, no previous knowledge is needed.

To access the SHP data, participants will need to register on SWISSUbase and complete the SHP data user agreement. To access the data, please register on SWISSUbase at least 24 hours before the workshop starts.

Tuition fees

Participation in the panel data analysis workshop from June 7-9, 2022 costs 200.- CHF. Participation in the introduction to the Swiss Household Panel and data management in SPSS on June 10, 2022 is free of charge. Participants are free to register for both parts of the workshop or only one part.

Detailed program


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