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I am a publisher and I have a question / issue with a website. Who shall I contact ?

You shall contact Monika (monika.vettovaglia@fors.unil.ch)

I want to set up a new website. Who shall I contact ?

You shall contact Monika (monika.vettovaglia@fors.unil.ch)

I want to set up a new landing page for a survey conducted on Qualtrics. Who shall I contact ?

Landing page example: https://www.mosaich.ch/

You shall contact Jonas and Guillaume (jonas.boiziau@fors.unil.ch, guillaume.lefebvre@fors.unil.ch)

I have a question / issue regarding Mailwizz / Devisu

Please go to the “IT & Tools” FAQ: https://forscenter.ch/intranet/it-tools/

Roles / responsabilities for websites


For all websites managed by FORS, there are 4 organizational roles: the Product owner, the Editor, the Publisher and the Technical staff. A single person can have several roles.

Those roles partially overlap with the permissions given on the websites.


Product owner

This is the person who asked to create or establish a website for a specific purpose.


  • Defines the needs for a new website (content, layout, organization, …).
  • Final word for all decisions regarding the website
  • Ask for changes in sructure / functionality




  • Day to day management of website
  • Regular communication / information to Publishers
  • Collects needs / bugs / remarks from Users, Publishers and Product owner
  • Maintain website coherence in content / structure / layout
  • Organizing and planning with Technical staff bug fixing, feature implementation, new website requests and any technical work
  • Writing guidelines, howtos, FAQ, guides, …




  • Adding new content
  • Keeping content up to date
  • Reporting bugs and issues to the Editor


Technical staff


  • Bug fixing
  • Feature implementation
  • New websites implementation
  • Regular updates and maintenance
  • Security
  • Writing technical documentation. Helping Editor to write guidelines, howtos, FAQ, guides, …
List of roles by website



Product owner: Sarah Bütikofer

Editor: Sarah Bütikofer

Publishers: N/A

Technical staff: Jonas Boiziau, Guillaume Lefebvre




Product owner: Monika Vettovaglia

Editor: Monika Vettovaglia


  • Silvia Eugster, Admin & Support Team
  • Gian-Andrea Monsch: SHP
  • Karin Nisple: International surveys team
  • Emilie Morgan De Paula: DARISS Data Management, DARISS Help and Ressources, DARISS Partnerships, DARISS Data at FORS, About FORS
  • Florence Lebert: SHP
  • Lukas Lauener: SELECTS
  • Nicolas Pekari: DCA

Technical staff

  • Jonas Boiziau
  • Guillaume Lefebvre

Note: As Forscenter is a large website, it has been divided into several sections, for which somes publishers are responsible.




Product owner: Georg Lutz

Editor: Monika Vettovaglia

Publisher: Monika Vettovaglia

Technical staff: Jonas Boiziau, Guillaume Lefebvre




Product owner: Brian Kleiner

Editor: N/A (Site not updated)

Publisher: N/A (Site not updated)

Technical staff: Jonas Boiziau, Guillaume Lefebvre


Social Change in Switzerland


Product owner: Monika Vettovaglia

Editor: Monika Vettovaglia

Publisher: Monika Vettovaglia

Technical staff: Jonas Boiziau, Guillaume Lefebvre


Survey Methods: Insights from the Field


Product owner: Monika Vettovaglia

Editor: Monika Vettovaglia

Publisher: Monika Vettovaglia

Technical staff: Jonas Boiziau, Guillaume Lefebvre


SWISSUbase info


Product owner: Stefan Buerli

Editor: Monika Vettovaglia

Publishers: Monika Vettovaglia, Stefan Buerli

Technical staff: Jonas Boiziau, Guillaume Lefebvre



Product owner: Georg Lutz

Editor: Monika Vettovaglia

Publishers: Georg Lutz, Florence Lebert, Lukas Lauener, Nicolas Pekari (tbc)

Technical staff: Jonas Boiziau, Guillaume Lefebvre

Training material

Documentation on the Gutenberg Editor for you to consult: fors-gutenberg-editor-guide

For mailwizz users. Some ideas how to minimise the fact that a campain is listed in the destinees spam/publicity folder. investigation_spam_buisness

Guidelines web

FORS web image guide

Are you a FORS website publisher? Then have a look at the new FORS web image guide set up by our FORS webmaster
Jonas. The guidelines and tools proposed can also be used by all FORS collaborators who need to resize images for calls, flyers, publications etc.  Thank you very much Jonas for this useful guide !



Test procedures for websites

This section is meant for the FORS publishers. The proposed procedures should help you to test our various websites before they are updated.









WP event manager

Events frontend

This is not part of the wp-event-manager plugin but part of the child-theme jupiter-fors. It’s used to display the events in the website (homepage, sidebars, etc …), and is supposed to contain a link to the event listing when the plugin is used.

Events listings

This is the core event definition. Some of the fields here are mandatory, included :

  • Start date
  • Start time
  • End date
  • End time
  • Registration deadline

You can also decide which of the optional fields you want to be filled and if it will be filled per attendee (ticket) or only once for each buyer. It’s not possible to mix between buyers and attendees. It’s important to decide here if you will allow a buyer to buy tickets for several persons. If yes, you may have to ask information for each attendee, if not you should limit each tickets to 1 in the section below.


CAUTION : any save of the tickets will reset all the woocommerce stocks because of a bug. If you use the stocks and have to do a modification, take note of the current stocks before apply anything.

You can here define the tickets for your event. Donation tickets has not been tested.

Events registrations

You can check here the registrations according to the plugin, but it’s generally better to check directly in woocommerce’s “Orders”. But some of the submenus can be usefull.

Registration form

You can define here the questions that can be asked to attendees/buyers.


//Not working//


This is the best place to manage registrations. You can manually change the status of an order. At the end, all of them should be “Completed” or “Cancelled”. The stocks will be updated according to the modifications here. Every modification here will be logged by woocomerce system, so it will easy to trace back any problem.

Here is the signification of the different status :

  • Completed : the ticket has been paid and validated
  • Cancelled : something went wrong and the payment procedure has been dropped out
  • Pending : something went wrong and an action is needed. (money has not been transferred)


Woocommerce has a refound mechanism but it has NOT been tested. If possible, please use alternative ways.


Emails are managed by IT, please ask them for any modification (woocommerce->settings->emails).

An email is sent to Denise in case of :

  • New order
  • Cancelled order
  • Failed order

An email is sent to the customer in case of :

  • Order-on-hold
  • Processing order
  • Completed order
  • Refunded order (Not tested)

Excel export

You can get an excel export of all the registrations on [[https://forscenter.ch/tmp_hk53kjfds898sdfkjh4308sjh_extractmysql.php]]

This export is managed by IT, please ask them for any modification needed.

Info IT
Le CI fera une mise à jour des serveurs de FORS. Cela impactera SMT et les sites web. Cette mise à jour provoquera une interruption du service durant quelques minutes. 

Merci de retenir ces deux dates:

  • Mercredi 19 janvier à 10h : smt-dev, smt-tst
  • Mercredi 26 janvier à 10h : smt-prd et sites web FORS