09 déc 2021

Register now for the Swiss Educational Data Symposium

The Swiss Educational Data Symposium presents data from the following studies: TREE, PICE, ch-x 2016/2017, DAB, Checks in Bildungsraum Nordwestschweiz (BR NWCH), WiSel and ÜGK.

18 - 20 janv 2022

Submit your idea now for the 2nd Swiss Open Research Data Hackathon.

Developers, students, academics and service providers from Switzerland and beyond are invited to connect on ideas, projects and tools in this three-day hackathon. Submit your ideas no later than December 16, 2021.

Past events

30 nov 2021

Join us for the next Methods and Research Meeting 

Carina Cornesse from the University of Mannheim will give a talk on the following topic: « Data Quality in (Non-)Probability Online Panels: Evidence from a Large-Scale Study in Germany ».

04 - 05 nov 2021

8ème Festival suisse des méthodes qualitatives : le qualitatif en santé

Le 8ème Festival suisse des méthodes qualitatives est organisé par l’Unité Sociologie du Département des sciences sociales. Il est axé cette année sur les questions de santé. Cette thématique est incontournable dans la période que nous vivons.

16 - 17 sept 2021

Conference: Stay tuned to the Future. Impact of research infrastructures 2.0.

Exchange on the meaning of impact and its variation between and within different fields and research infrastructures. Exchange on the measurement of impact. Showcase where and how infrastructures in different field create impact and much more!

13 - 15 sept 2021

6th Swiss Household Panel (SHP) workshop

This course is an introduction to the management and exploration of the various types of Swiss Household Panel (SHP) data, using R and the R-Studio environment.

10 juin 2021

11th International Conference of Panel Data Users in Switzerland

This edition includes thematic sessions that cover a wide variety of topics, such as health and well-being, education and labour market, families, migration, or politics and attitudes. It also includes a special session organized by TREE as well as by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office.

01 juin 2021

FORS Lunch seminar on collecting highly sensitive health data from a hospital register

Henk Verloo (HES-SO Valais-Wallis), Boris Wernli (FORS) and Filipa Pereira (HES-SO Valais-Wallis) will refer on methodological considerations and outcomes of routinely collecting highly sensitive health data from a hospital register.

23 mars 2021

Swiss COVID-19 Data Symposium. Register now !

The Swiss Covid-19 Data Symposium will give social sciences researchers an overview of different datasets that can be analyzed to assess the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on numerous aspects of individuals’ everyday lives. Register now !

09 mars 2021

Online conference on “Social Monitoring and Reporting in Europe”.

This conference will address the following topics: What are the longer-term social developments in Europe and did they result in increasing divergence recently? Are we currently witnessing a reversal of relevant social trends due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

02 mars 2021

FORS Lunch Seminar with Jan-Erik Refle on the results from the SHP Covid-19 study 

To get more insight into how people were affected by and fared during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Swiss Household Panel launched an additional Covid-19 Survey among participating households.

29 oct 2020

Tagung: Neue Wege der Datenerhebung und -analyse. Die Kombination von Daten aus unterschiedlichen Quellen.

Die Tagung richtet sich sowohl an interessierte Forschende wie auch an Personen mit Führungs-
verantwortung aus Hochschulen, Forschungsförderungs-
institutionen, öffentlicher Verwaltung sowie aus privaten und öffentlichen datenproduzierenden Unternehmungen.

27 oct 2020

Cause commune: une co-construction des pratiques entre le terrain et la recherche

L’objectif principal du projet Cause Commune est de construire une méthodologie participative et novatrice dans la politique d’action sociale qui profite à la cohésion sociale, au bien-être et à la qualité de vie des habitants.

06 oct 2020

First results of the FORS COVID-19 MOSAiCH study on well-being, politics, work, and family

The FORS lunch seminars are held to foster scholarly exchange between FORS researchers and interested colleagues to profit from their diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds.

29 sept 2020

Facing Big Data: methodological and analytical challenges of large-scale textual analyses

The Methods and Research meeting series is now on Zoom !  Don’t miss the first meeting with Sophie Mützel, Professor of Sociology at the Department of Sociology, University of Lucerne, Switzerland.

31 août 2020

Call for Contributions to the Special Issue on the 2019 Swiss National Elections

Proposals should be no longer than one page. The deadline for submitting proposals is: 31st August 2020

14 - 28 août 2020

24th Summer School in Social Science Methods

Given the current situation, we will provide an option of attending the workshops on-line for those who are not in position to travel. Should the situation require it, the Summer School will switch to remote mode. Register before June 15 !