FORS Bulletin                                        N°1/2015

Dear reader,

This is the first issue of the online FORS Bulletin. Thank you very much for taking time to read it!

The FORS Bulletin replaces the paper version of the newsletter "ForsInfo" and the periodically published e-newsletter "FORS Data Bulletin".

Three to four times a year we will inform our readers about interesting new datasets, exciting publications and important events and activities, written in a clear and concise way with links that lead through to further information.

Welcome to the new FORS Bulletin !

Prof. Dr. Peter Farago



Social Change in Switzerland

We are happy to present the third article of the new series Social Change in Switzerland.

L. Gianettoni, C. Carvalho Arruda, J.-A. Gauthier, D. Gross & D. Joye
Aspirations professionnelles des jeunes en Suisse: rôles sexués et conciliation travail/famille.

The series continuously documents social developments in Switzerland, and is edited by FORS, LINES und LIVES.


New online platform DeFacto

The online platform “DeFacto – plus que des opinions” conveys to a broader audience the results of university research and expert knowledge in the political and social sciences. DeFacto's contributions are written in a brief and comprehensible manner. However, at the same time, they show which methodologies lie behind the work, and which theories they refer to. The contributions are mainly published in German, French, or Italian.
DeFacto is a pilot project, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Agora funding scheme. The project is associated with FORS and the Department of Political Science of the University of Zurich.


New data: Security 2014

The study "Security 2014" aims at identifying tendencies and long-term trends in opinion-making amongst the Swiss population in the domains of foreign, security, and defense policy by means of a representative survey. The military academy at ETH Zurich and the Center for Security Studies ETH Zurich are co-editors of the study, focused in particular on the following issues: the perception of threats among the Swiss population, the characteristics of Swiss neutrality, the dating of the origin of neutrality, and the meaning of various future army tasks.
Information on and access to the data can be found here:
FORS data service: New data publications


New data:
The Swiss Job Market Monitor

The Swiss Job Market Monitor (SMM) of the Institute of Sociology of the University of Zurich focuses on the systematic observation and analysis of the Swiss job market. For this reason, the Swiss Job Market Monitor has established a series of surveys that documents, since 1950, the job offers of the Swiss economy. This survey is regularly updated with up-to-date micro-data for job offers.
This database offers a series of new possibilities for analysis by social scientists who work on qualitative and quantitative issues with regard to current and long-term developments in the Swiss labour market.
Information on and access to the data can be found here:
FORS data service: New data publications


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