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Social Dynamics in Swiss Society. Empirical Studies Based on the Swiss Household Panel

41ykwxlA0xLNew publication “Social Dynamics in Swiss Society”

Edited by Robin Tillmann, Marieke Voorpostel, and Peter Farago, this book uses longitudinal data from the Swiss Household Panel to zoom in on continuity and change in the life course. It is open access and describes how the lives of the Swiss population have changed in terms of health, family circumstances, work, political participation, and migration over the last sixteen years. What are the different trajectories in terms of mobility, health, wealth, and family constellations? What are the drivers behind all these changes over time and in the life course? And what are the implications for inequality in society and for social policy? To get answers to these questions, you can download the whole book here.




Here is the complete list of the chapters by FORS collaborators who contributed to the edited volume by Robin Tillmann, Marieke Voorpostel & Peter Farago entitled: Social Dynamics in Swiss Society. Empirical Studies Based on the Swiss Household Panel. Get access to the content:

Valérie-Anne Ryser, Jean-Marie Le Goff

Pages 47-59 Open Access


Boris Wernli, Sara Zella

Pages 61-77 Open Access


Maurizia Masia, Monica Budowski, Robin Tillmann

Pages 97-111 Open Access


Laura Ravazzini, Ursina Kuhn

Pages 161-174 Open Access


Ursina Kuhn, Markus Grabka

Pages 175-185 Open Access


Nicolas Pekari, Jan Rosset, Flurina Schmid

Pages 215-229 Open Access


Gian-Andrea Monsch, Florence Passy

Pages 231-246 Open Access


Belinda Hewitt, Marieke Voorpostel, Gavin Turrell

Pages 31-46 Open Access