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Methods and research meetings

The Methods and Research meetings are a joint seminar series of SSP (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, UNIL) and FORS (Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences, Lausanne).
The meetings are a platform where members of SSP and FORS as well as guest speakers present their research. These meetings are organized by Jacques-Antoine Gauthier (ISS), Eva Green (IP), Oliver Lipps (FORS), and Caroline Roberts (ISS), and include presentations that cover substantive research raising interesting methodological questions (quantitative or qualitative), research focusing on methodological issues, or discussions on new methodological approaches. The speakers can also ask for feedback from other seminar participants to discuss methodological problems related to their research.

Semester 2017/2018
Semester 2016/2017
Semester 2015/2016
Semester 2014/2015
Semester 2013/2014
Semester 2012/2013
Semester 2011/2012
Semester 2010/2011
Semester 2009/2010
Semester 2009

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