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Assessment of the Achievement of Basic Educational Competencies (ÜGK)
(Überprüfung des Erreichens der Grundkompetenzen; ÜGK)
In 2011, the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK) has defined national educational goals for obligatory schools in Switzerland. The aim is to harmonize obligatory education across the Swiss cantons. The national educational goals describe the basic competences that students should attain in the subjects native language, foreign languages, mathematics and natural sciences by the end of obligatory education.
Recently, students from all cantons participate in large scale assessments in order to evaluate the cantons’ success of harmonizing obligatory education. So far, the assessment consists of competency tests in mathematics, the native language and the first foreign language. In 2016, around 25’000 11th-grade students participated in a mathematics test and the same amount of 8th-grade students will be tested in their native as well as in their first foreign language in spring 2017. In addition to participating in the competency tests students respond to a questionnaire on their experiences in school and everyday life. The first results of the assessments will be published in June 2018.

The EDK mandated FORS to lead data management for the Assessment of the Achievement of Basic Educational Competencies (ÜGK). FORS provides the EDK with project-customized recommendations with respect to data management and establishes and coordinates the data management processes within the project. In 2016, FORS was also responsible for the data preparation of the mathematics test data. The data from these assessments as well as from the student questionnaire will be archived by FORS and be made available via FORSbase as of summer 2018.

More information:
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Contact person at FORS: Dr. Marieke Heers