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Swiss Federal Surveys of Adolescents (ch-x)

The Swiss Federal Surveys of Adolescents (ch-x) are long established large-scale surveys conducted amongst 19-21 year old Swiss citizens. They consist of near full coverage of young men drafted to the army (about 50,000), as well as a sample of women of the same age.

FORS won the open competition to lead the 2016-17 ch-x edition, which focuses on the topic of youth mobility. Never before has there been a large-scale survey of this nature on the topic of temporary mobility. The length of the paper questionnaire (over 100 questions) as well as the number of anticipated respondents (about 50’000, including some 2’000 women) will provide extremely rich data that will allow significant contributions to the fields of mobility and youth studies. Detailed data will be collected on young people’s past mobility experiences (including their length, type, destination, and assessment), but also on their future intentions and overall perceptions about mobility. This will be supplemented with variables on: living environment; family background; education; professional background, including future professional aspirations; personality traits; and various additional socio-demographic characteristics.

The costs for the development of the questionnaire and the data collection are being financed by the Swiss Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sports. FORS is however investing significant in-kind resources, especially with respect to the design of the survey, the data cleaning and preparation, as well as the preparation of a descriptive report aimed at informing the general public. Data will be made available to the research community as soon as the final report has been published, most likely in the course of 2019.


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