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The Swiss Electoral Studies – Selects

Call for Modules Selects 2019

The Call for Modules for Selects 2019 is open until 18 June 2018. For more information, please see the PDF document.

Data from the Selects 2015 surveys

Download the data from FORSbase.

First results of Selects 2015

Lutz, Georg, “Eidgenössische Wahlen 2015. Wahlteilnahme und Wahlentscheid”, Lausanne : Selects-FORS, 2016 (DE).

Lutz, Georg, “Élections fédérales 2015. Participation et choix électoral” Lausanne : Selects-FORS, 2016 (FR).

Lutz, Georg, “Elezioni federali 2015. Partecipazione e decisione di voto”, Losanna : Selects-FORS, 2016 (IT).

Summary: DE / FR

Selects is a joint electoral research project of several political science departments at Swiss universities. The academic responsibility is executed by a commission of researchers from different Swiss universities as well as members of the federal administration.

Since the project’s start in 1995, electoral studies in Switzerland have reached a high level of continuity while constantly including innovative new research questions.

Selects participates in different international comparative networks. The modules of the “Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES)” have been included in the Selects studies since the 1990s and the CSES Project is in its fourth round. In addition, Selects has participated in the “Comparative Candidate Survey (CCS)“, and has conducted a survey among all the candidates of the 2007 and 2011 national elections. Finally, Selects is also member of the COST Action “The True European Voter“.

Selects is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, and the work is centered at FORS since 2008.