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Microdata online :Omnibus ICT 2010

Omnibus ICT: Online access to variable-level documentation. Exhaustive variable-level documentation of the 2010 ICT survey on usage in households and by individuals can now be explored online without statistical software. (…)

Selects 2011 RCS on NESSTAR

In addition to the post-electoral survey, and for the first time, a Rolling Cross-Section (RCS) survey was carried out within the framework of Selects in German- and French-speaking Switzerland. The (…)


DARIS is a participating member of the consortium SERSCIDA, an FP7 project to establish social science data archives in the Western Balkans. As part of the project, researchers are currently (…)

Swiss PISA data at DARIS

All Swiss data from PISA are now available at DARIS for use by researchers. This international survey, which evaluates the acquistion of knowledge and know-how essential for daily life at (…)

Selects 2011 on NESSTAR

Data from Selects 2011, a telephone and paper/online post-electoral survey, are now accessible online on our NESSTAR server. (…)

VoxIt update

A new edition of the standardized Vox surveys containing the federal votes of 2010 is now available. The cumulative files can be downloaded here. The individual files for each vote (…)

European Social Survey 2010 on NESSTAR

The Swiss data of the ESS (European Social Survey) 2010 are now available online, on our NESSTAR server. Beyond a core of questions re-asked for each edition, the 2010 survey (…)

MOSAiCH: 2011 data on NESSTAR

Data from MOSAiCH 2011 are now available online on our NESSTAR server. The survey includes notably the ISSP modules 2010 (Environment III) and 2011 (Health I): (…)