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IT support


Utilisation des ordinateurs portables FORS entre le 14 et 15 septembre 2017.

Le 14 et 15 septembre 2017 aura lieu le 6ème Festival Suisse des méthodes qualitatives «Ethique et recherche qualitative en sciences sociales».

Pour cet événement nous avons besoin TOUS les ordinateurs portables FORS qui sont dans le bureau de Denise. Aucun ordinateur portable pourra être emprunté pendant ces deux jours.

Si vous avez un ordinateur portable FORS à la maison, merci de nous le rendre avant le 13 septembre 2017.



IT support at FORS is covered by the Helpdesk Unil, and partially by FORS IT group:

Helpdesk or call 2211
FORS-IT group

Whom to contact depends on the subject. To help you decide, find below some hints. If you are unsure, please ask FORS IT group.

Request for resources, software, tools, accounts:
- In general FORS-IT
- Video equipment for conference room Helpdesk
- My computer makes piep piep, or similar Helpdesk
- Problems with the internet connection (uncalled pages open, etc) Helpdesk
- My computer is out of control, maybe a virus Helpdesk
- My license of software XY is expired FORS-IT
- I need a new version of software XY FORS-IT
- I get error messages from a server named ForsXX FORS-IT
- I need remote access to my computer FORS-IT
- I don’t remember a password of a Fors application FORS-IT
Shared workspace / networking:
- No or unsufficient access to a shared resource FORS-IT
- I miss some files or folders (restore request) FORS-IT
- Slow access to shared resources Helpdesk
- E-mail doesn’t work properly Helpdesk
- I don’t receive some expected e-mails Helpdesk
- Problems with automatic software updates Helpdesk
- Configuration of your e-mail client FORS-IT
- Configuration of shared printers FORS-IT
- Configuration of our agenda (Google) FORS-IT
Server applications:
- Questions about Oracle/SHP FORS-IT
- Questions about our web sites and Nesstar servers. FORS IT group currently (2014) host the following web sites / applications: (Daris data catalogue)
http://surveyinsights.ch (Nesstar server) (Nesstar server of Daris)


To contact the IT group initially, please use the e-mail above.

For an overview of the helpdesk services, see and click on Helpdesk