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From DMP to Data-Sharing for Humanities and Social Sciences

This is a workshop for all researchers in the human and social sciences in Switzerland interested in data management planning and data sharing.

In this workshop, participants will get an introduction from Lionel Perini (SNFS) about the SNSF Open research Data Policy.

Silke Bellanger (Unibas) will give a short orientation about researchers’ needs and helpful tips.

FORS and DaSCH will point out their specific services for researchers.

This will be followed by hands-on group discussion.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops and draft DMPs for discussion (if available).



• Understand the funder’s perspective and engage discussions with them
• Become acquainted with the available infrastructures and services related to research data management at UNIBAS, DaSCH, and FORS
• Find answers to your questions on:
- data organization and security issues
- data documentation
- ethics and legal issues (getting consent)
- data preparation (anonymization)
- data publication, sharing, preservation, FAIR principles
- standards and best practices
• Know where and how to store your research data in compliance with the FAIR data principles



  • SNSF Open Research Data Policy (Lionel Perini, SNSF)
  • Research Data at UNIBAS: Researchers’ Needs and Helpful Tips (Silke Bellanger, UNIBAS)
  • Data Management Services at FORS: from planning to practice (Brian Kleiner and Alexandra Stam, FORS)
  • Heterogeneous Data Management in Qualitative Research (Lukas Rosenthaler, DaSCH)
  • Interactive discussion Q&As with: Lionel Perini (SNSF), Silke Bellanger (Unibas), Brian Kleiner (FORS), Alexandra Stam (FORS), Lukas Rosenthaler (DaSCH), Vera Chiquet (DaSCH).


The participation is for free.

Register to the workshop by following the instructions on this website.