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Villa Vigoni 2008

Social Reporting in Europe
Migration and Integration


Villa Vigoni Conference, March 16-18, 2008


Sunday, March 16

Afternoon Arrival of participants
19:30 Dinner and Welcome by the Secretary General of Villa Vigoni, Prof. Gregor Vogt-Spira

Monday, March 17

Session I: Social Reporting in Europe – National and Supranational Reports (Chair Carla Collicelli)
9:15 Paul Allin (ONS, London) Social Trends – Presentation presentation(454 KB)
9:45 István György Tóth (TARKI, Budapest) Social Report – Presentation presentation(427 KB)
10:15 Antonio Argüeso (INE, Madrid) Indicadores Sociales – Presentation
10:45 Coffee Break
11:15 Rob Bijl (The Netherlands Institute for Social and Cultural Research, Den Haag) Social and Cultural Report / De sociale staat van Nederland – Update presentation(674 KB)
11:30 Christian Suter (University of Neuchâtel) Swiss Social Report – Update presentation(1.3 MB)
11:45 Irina Topinska (CASE, Warsaw) Social Reports in Poland – Update presentation(88 KB)
12:00 Hakan Nyman (European Commission, Brussels) Social Situation Report (European Commission) – Update
12:15 Carla Collicelli (CENSIS, Rome) Censis-Report – Update presentation(206 KB)
12:30 Heinz-Herbert Noll (GESIS, Mannheim), Roland Habich (WZB, Berlin) Datenreport – Update presentation(890 KB)
13:00 Lunch
Session II: Migration and Integration (Chair: H.-H. Noll)
14:30 Rob Bijl (SCP, Den Haag) Evaluating the Social Integration of Immigrants: How to Measure Successes and Failures? presentation(644 KB)
15:00 Gunter Brückner (destatis, Wiesbaden) Persons with Migration Background in Germany presentation(267 KB)
15:30 Anna Italia (CENSIS, Rome) Migrants in Italy: Economic Role and Integration presentation(129 KB)
16:00 Angelika Scheuer (GESIS, Mannheim) Cultural Integration of Immigrants in Germany presentation(1.5 MB)
16:30 Coffee Break
17:00 H. Nyman, P. Allin, I. Topinska, Ch. Suter, I. Tóth, A. Argüeso, R. Habich, Marzia Basili (LUISS) Short interventions, ca. 10 min. each Topinska(117 KB), Basili(265 KB)
19:30 Dinner

Tuesday, March 18

Session II: Migration and Integration, continued (Chair: C. Collicelli)
9:15 Ingrid Tucci (Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung, Berlin) The Social Situation of Immigrants in Germany – A preview to Datenreport 2008 presentation(258 KB)
9:45 Giorgio Alessandrini (CNEL, Rome) Education, cultural Integration and the Role of linguistic Mediation
10:15 Linda Laura Sabbadini (ISTAT, Rome) Migrants, Job and Family in Italy
10:45 Coffee Break
Plans for the Future and the Possibilities to Establish a European Social Reporting Network (Chair: H.-H. Noll)
11:15 – 12:30 Open discussion
13:00 Lunch and Departure