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The Swiss Social Report 2016 is now available

Based on systematically prepared data and indicators, the Social Report 2016 provides information about the current status and development trends in Swiss society. This issue focuses on wellbeing: How satisfied are the Swiss with their social living conditions and their financial situation? Does religion still play a role in the search for a meaningful life? What impact do social developments such as the rise in divorce rates have on the wellbeing of the affected people? Does political participation make people happy? Are impoverished people less satisfied with life than the wealthy? Does increasing mobility in work and leisure time have a positive or negative effect on wellbeing? The Swiss Social Report 2016 tries to answer questions like these.

The Swiss Social Report is a publication that, since 2000, appears every four years, thanks to the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation. It consists of 75 indicators classified according to five major topics: the distribution of social goods, cultural diversity, social integration, political life, and the environment. These social indicators are supplemented with in-depth texts written by experts from Swiss universities. The Social Report is directed by a multidisciplinary team coming from a variety of academic disciplines, and has been published under the lead of FORS since 2008.

The 2000 Social Report served as a sort of prototype, examining general issues, while the 2004 and 2008 editions had their own specific orientations. The 2004 Social Report treated long-term changes in Switzerland in the course of the 20th century. The 2008 Social Report focused on comparisons of Switzerland with other European and non-European countries, broadening thus analyses of Swiss society in time and space. The 2012 edition emphasized intergenerational relationships and solidarity between generations.

The charts and the data are available on:

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