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Qualitative data

Qualitative Data at FORS!

With the growing importance of qualitative research in its own right, as well as in its role as a complement to quantitative data in social science research projects, DARIS at FORS has start archiving qualitative data produced by researchers in Switzerland.

At a national meeting in 2010 in Berne, an array of interested researchers publicly launched a manifesto on qualitative research methods, edited by the Swiss Academy for Humanities and Social Sciences, and signed by representatives of Swiss Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences, Universities of Teacher Education, and by FORS. As part of this work, it was established that FORS would serve as a national centre for preserving and disseminating for reuse significant collections of qualitative data produced within Switzerland.

Click here for details on our policies and procedures regarding qualitative data.

For an example of an informed consent for qualitative research projects click here.

If you are interested in submitting data from your qualitative research at our data service, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Some resources

If you are conducting qualitative research yourself, here is a short list of some helpful materials and articles:

Important qualitative data archives that offer access to their data to Swiss researchers:

Secondary analysis of qualitative data — some suggested readings:

Further information

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