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Deposit data

Perhaps you are considering or have already decided to deposit your data at DARIS. Given the advantages and importance of data sharing and preservation, we strongly support this! Preparing and depositing data is relatively easy, provided that research is conducted following sound data management practices during the life of a project.

DARIS accepts for deposit data from projects in all social science and related research domains. We accept data from both quantitative and qualitative research projects.

The depositing of data at FORS takes place entirely online on our platform FORSbase. Before getting started with the deposit, your should prepare your data file, making sure that it is anonymised and cleaned, including appropriate labels and descriptions. For instructions, click on one of the following two links:

Benefits of deposit

There are many good reasons to deposit data. We encourage you to consider sharing your own data.

Guidelines for deposit

Click here for guidelines and instructions.

Data protection

The data service takes care to respect the legal rights of data depositors and study participants. Click here for more information about data protection.