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Mission and Policies

Mission statement

The DARIS mission statement defines our mission and describes our activities.

DARIS vision

The DARIS vision statement explains our vision of data in research in the 21st century.

Collections policy

Our collections policy provides an overview of the selection and appraisal criteria applied to data and it outlines the principles by which we at DARIS develop our data holdings to meet the needs of our stakeholders.

Data protection

DARIS does everything possible to provide open and easy access to data, while at the same time protecting the confidentiality of research participants and the rights of the data depositors.

Preservation policy

The preservation policy of DARIS highlights the basic principles which reflect the main activities of DARIS regarding the preservation of its digital assets as well as its access to them.

Policy on archiving qualitative data

In addition to its collection of quantitative social science data, our data service solicits, preserves, and disseminates qualitative research data. This document details our current policies and procedures.