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Gian-Andrea Monsch

gian-andrea_monsch-8842 Senior Researcher
Office 5640
+41 (0)21 692 37 48
Languages: German, French, English


Gian-Andrea Monsch received his PhD in political sciences from the University of Lausanne for his work on political activism. In 2015, he started working for the Swiss Household Panel (SHP) as a Senior Researcher. In addition, he co-organizes the biennial conference of the SHP and the “Think and Drink”-workshop of the GREC research center.


Gian-Andrea Monsch’s research interests are tied to political sciences and longitudinal studies. In particular, he is studying social movement participation, political citizenship, political participation in general and political radicalization. Further, he focuses on both quantitative and qualitative methods and the conceptualization of research designs. As a member of the Swiss Household Panel, he is strongly implicated in the collection of longitudinal survey data. Currently, he works with data of the Swiss Household Panel on effects of protest participation on participant’s attitudes and values.



Monsch, Gian-Andrea, and Florence Passy. 2014. “Do Social Networks Really Matter in Contentious Politics?” Social Movement Studies 13(1): 22-47 (Special Issue “Social Networks and Social Movements”).

Monsch, Gian-Andrea. 2014. On Strong Citizens. A Sociological View on Cognitions and Contentious Participation. PhD-Thesis, published at the cantonal and university library of Lausanne.


Monsch, Gian-Andrea. 2008. “Der Klient und sein Patron – oder warum man in Burkina Faso wählen geht.” CIS – Working Paper 37: 1-19.