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Daniel Oesch

danieloesch_livesIDHEAP6 Professeur associé
Prof. Dr.
Office 5147
+41 (0)21 692 31 85
Languages: German, French, English, Spanish


Daniel Oesch is associate professor in sociology at the Life Course and Inequality Research Centre (LINES) of the University of Lausanne. He teaches on social stratification and the life course, the labour market and employment policy. He is the author of Occupational Change in Europe (2013, Oxford University Press) and Redrawing the Class Map (2006, Palgrave Macmillan). Before coming to Lausanne, he worked at the Universities of Geneva, Pompeu Fabra and Zurich.


Daniel Oesch has extensively worked on social stratification and occupational classes. He has been involved in several large surveys on unemployment in Switzerland, studying the employment trajectories after mass displacement or the role of social contacts for the access to jobs. He also continues to work on occupational change, class voting and industrial relations.

Selected Publications


Oesch, D. and von Ow, A. 2017. Social Networks and Job Access for the Unemployed: Work Ties for the Upper-Middle Class, Communal Ties for the Working Class, European Sociological Review 1-15 (Advance Access).


Murphy, E. and Oesch, D. 2016. The Feminization of Occupations and Change in Wages: A Panel Analysis of Britain, Germany, and Switzerland, Social Forces 94 (3): 1221–1255.


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Oesch, D. 2013. Occupational Change in Europe. How Technology and Education transform the Job Structure, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Oesch, D. and Lipps, O. 2013. Does unemployment hurt less if there is more of it around? A panel  data analysis for Germany and Switzerland, European Sociological Review 29 (5): 955–967.


Oesch, D. 2012. Recruitment, retention and exit from union membership. An analysis of member flows in Swiss union locals, British Journal of Industrial Relations 50 (2): 287–307.


Oesch, D. and Rodríguez Menés, J. 2011. Upgrading or polarization? Occupational change in Britain, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, 1990-2008, Socio-Economic Review 9 (3): 503-531.


Oesch, D. 2010. What explains high unemployment among low-skilled workers? Evidence from 21 OECD countries, European Journal of Industrial Relations 16 (1): 39-55.

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Oesch, D. 2008. Explaining workers’ support for right-wing populist parties in Western Europe: Evidence from Austria, Belgium, France, Norway and Switzerland, International Political Science Review 29 (3): 349-373.

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Oesch, D. 2006. Redrawing the Class Map. Stratification and Institutions in Britain, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Oesch, D. 2006. Coming to grips with a changing class structure. An analysis of employment stratification in Britain, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland, International Sociology 21 (2): 263-288.