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Brian Kleiner

fors-B_Kleiner-14 Head of unit Data and Research Information Services
Office 5212
+41 (0)21 692 37 44
Languages: English, French


Brian Kleiner is a linguist by training (PhD from Michigan State University), with specialisation in sociolinguistics and discourse analysis. Before coming to FORS in 2008 he worked for 10 years at Westat, a private research corporation outside of Washington DC, conducting national surveys in education for the U.S. federal government. Since 2008, he is head of Data and Research Information Services and member of the Executive Board at FORS.


Brian Kleiner’s methodological research has focused on the role of language in surveys, including survey translation and the response quality of linguistic minorities. As head of data services at FORS, his ongoing work examines the role of research infrastructures in supporting science. He specialises in research data management, including the study of data documentation, security, preparation, and anonymization, as well as organisation in day to day research practice.



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