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Anthe van den Hende

anthe_van_den_hende-8861 Researcher
Office 5425
+41 (0)21 692 46 70
Languages: English, French, Dutch, German


Anthe van den Hende has a PhD in geography from the University of Geneva and has two masters in demography from the Universities of Groningen (NL) and Lund (SE). Her thesis was based on the crossroads of these two disciplines: residential mobility and life course events. She started to work for FORS in 2014.


Anthe van den Hende specializes in longitudinal data analysis and the production and analysis of questionnaires. Currently she is responsible for the cleaning of the CH-x data.



Janssen, F., A. van den Hende, J. de Beer, and L. van Wissen. 2016. “Sigma and beta convergence in regional mortality: A case study of the Netherlands.” Demographic Research 35(4): 81-116.


van den Hende, Anthe. 2015. Settling and dwelling in the Swiss peri-urban areas: residential trajectories and life course events. Ph.D. thesis, University of Geneva (SdS 6) (Link).