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FORS is a service centre for researchers from Switzerland and abroad. FORS services are designed to be adapted as far as possible to the needs of the social science research community. FORS has established a network of contact points in the Swiss Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences. In addition, FORS aims to stimulate debate and scientific exchange both within Switzerland and between Swiss researchers and the international research community.

Scientific quality

The Foundation’s goal is to provide both Swiss and non-Swiss researchers with data and methodological expertise at the very highest international standard. The Foundation therefore conducts its own research projects and maintains close ties to social sciences research at universities and to official statistics.

Open data policy at FORS

FORS takes the position that social science data produced within publicly funded projects should in principle be:

  • Available for re-use outside of the original research team;
  • Free and easy to discover and access;
  • Curated according to international standards by a professional archiving institution.

See here for the full policy text.

[(FORS open data policy)] (PDF – 74.3 kb)

Research infrastructures

As a national centre of expertise, FORS serves as a liaison office between Swiss and international research in the social sciences. FORS grants Swiss researchers access to all its resources and to all the latest findings in the social sciences. By the same token, FORS is the first point of contact for non-Swiss researchers interested in Swiss social sciences data and analyses. FORS is involved in a variety of international projects, several of which are part of the Swiss Roadmap for Research Infrastructures (in German).

[(Roadmap Forschungsinfrastrukturen)] (PDF – 689.2 kb)