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Selects 2007

The Swiss Electoral Study Selects 2007

Post-election Survey

The 2007 survey included 4392 telephone interviews. 2005 of these interviews were from a national representative sample and a further 2387 interviews were conducted in order to ensure at least 100 respondents in small cantons. Additionally, in three cantons (Ticino, Geneva, and Zurich), the number of interviews was increased to a total of 600 per canton. 3009 respondents of the telephone interview also agreed to fill out an additional written questionnaire. Of those, 2291 (76%) filled out the additional survey, on paper or on-line.

Candidate Survey

All the candidates for the elections for the National Council and the Council of States were surveyed in 2007. The candidates could fill out the survey on-line or on paper. The survey was carried out by the team responsible for the smartvote on-line platform. Of the 3181 candidates for parliament (3100 candidates for the National Council, 141 for the Council of States, of which 81 were candidate for both chambers), 1707 participated in the survey (54%).

First results of the Selects Project 2007

Results of the 2007 survey, as well as further details about the study, are available in the following publication:

Lutz, Georg, “Eidgenössische Wahlen 2007. Wahlteilnahme und Wahlentscheid”, Lausanne: Selects-FORS, 2008 (DE). (PDF – 839 kb)

Lutz, Georg, “Élections fédérales 2007 Participation et choix électoral” Lausanne: Selects-FORS, 2008 (FR). (PDF – 806.1 kb)

Lutz, Georg, “Elezioni federali 2007. Partecipazione e decisione di voto”, Losanna: Selects-FORS, 2008 (IT). (PDF – 799.4 kb)

Selects 2007 – Data and Documentation

National Survey: phone interview

Download the Data (through Nesstar)

Download Questionnaires (d/f/i) (Zip – 167.4 kb)

National Survey: complementary postal questionnaire

Download the Data from FORSbase

Download Questionnaires (d/f/i) (Zip – 236.6 kb)

Candidate Survey

Download the Data from FORSbase

Download Questionnaires (d/f/i) (Zip – 239 kb)