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Selects 1999

The Swiss Electoral Study Selects 1999

Post-election Survey

The Selects 1999 study included 3258 respondents of which 2048 were from a national representative sample. Oversampling was conducted in the cantons of Zurich, Ticino, and Geneva, so as to obtain at least 600 interviews in each of these cantons.

Panel Survey and Media Analysis

A substantive focus of Selects 1999 was on the opinion formation processes during election campaigns. Therefore, apart from the national survey, a three-wave panel survey was conducted during the campaign in the cantons of Geneva, Lucerne, and Zurich, with a total of 2596 respondents. Content data on the election campaign in the mass media and on campaign advertising was collected in order to put individual opinion formation processes into their information context.

Selects 1999 – Data and Documentation

National Survey

Download the Data (through Nesstar)

Download Documentation (de) (PDF – 3.8 Mb)

Download Questionnaires (d/f/i) (Zip – 172.5 kb)

Download Codebook (de) (Zip – 133.6 kb)

Download Codebook (fr) (Zip – 133.4 kb)

Panel Study in Three Cantons

Download the Data from FORSbase

Download Questionnaire (de) (Word – 521 kb)

Download Questionnaire (fr) (Word – 537.5 kb)