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Selects 1995

The Swiss Electoral Study Selects 1995

Post-election Survey

The objectives of this first Selects project were, first of all, to catch up with the international state of electoral research. Second, particularities of the Swiss political systems, namely the strong inter-regional variation in electoral systems and political cultures, were to be exploited in order to analyze contextual effects on individual voting behavior. For this reason, regional boosts were drawn in 10 cantons. Indeed, the number of interviews was increased to 600 in Aargau, Geneva, Glarus, Luzern, Schaffhausen, Ticino, and Valais and to 800 in Bern, Vaud, and Zurich. All in all, 7260 interviews were conducted, with a national representative sample of 2000 respondents.

In addition to this survey, data on regional political systems and structures, as well as data on the regional election campaigns, were collected for the abovementioned cantons. The Swiss Electoral Study Selects – similarly to the European Election Study (EES) – therefore provides one of the rare opportunities to study electoral behavior in a series of simultaneous elections in different institutional, socio-structural, and cultural contexts.

Selects 1995 – Data and Documentation

National Survey

Download the Data (through Nesstar)

Download Documentation (de) (PDF – 953.2 kb)

Download Questionnaires (d/f/i) (Zip – 83.2 kb)

Download Codebook (de) (Zip – 142.1 kb)

Download Codebook (fr) (Zip – 144.1 kb)

Survey of Regional Party Secretaries

Download the Data from FORSbase

Context Data on Regional Political Systems and Structures

Download the Data from FORSbase

Official Data on Candidates for the Council of States

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