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Optimus Study

The Optimus Study is a cross-national initiative on child sexual victimization in the context of other forms of maltreatment, and aims to provide much-needed evidence on the risks and protective factors for children and youth. The study has so far been conducted in Switzerland, China, and South Africa. In Switzerland, it was a school-based epidemiological survey carried out in 2009-10, with almost 7’000 youth between 15-17 years of age.

The survey in Switzerland collected lifetime and previous-year prevalence of sexual victimization experiences for a nationally representative sample, as well as information on other types of maltreatment, risk factors, protective factors, and consequences of victimization. Click here for more information about the Swiss dataset.

The Chinese study included a household survey of 3’321 children age 15-17 and 8’945 parents of children age 0-17, as well as a school-based survey of 18’341 students age 15-17. Click here for more information about the Chinese datasets.

Data access:

Access to the Swiss and Chinese data is possible by way of our online system FORSbase. If you are not already registered with FORSbase, you will need to do so. After logging in and arriving at the Optimus Study catalog page (Swiss data, Chinese data), click on the tab “dataset”, select the dataset that you want to acquire (for the Chinese data), and then click on “download data”. After submitting your application, your request will need to be approved first by the Optimus Study data access committee (usually 1-2 business days). Once approved, you will be able to access the data immediately within FORSbase.

You can learn more about the Optimus Study at For questions about the study, contact Patricia Lannen at the UBS Optimus Foundation (