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Do you have the skills needed in the modern research environment?

Research practices are undergoing an unrecognized revolution in the social sciences, given the effects of new technologies, changing funding mechanisms, and more large team-oriented projects. However, the skills needed to master work in this new environment are currently rarely taught in university degree programs in a systematic and formal way. Specifically, many researchers still lack necessary skills in data management, and so are unable to operate optimally in modern research settings.


What is data management?   

We define data management as the set of skills needed for handling data, not including collection and analyses. This includes:

  • research ethics, data protection, and informed consent;
  • data and file organization;
  • anonymisation of data;
  • data storage and security;
  • data backup;
  • data documentation; and
  • copyright

Throughout the life cycle of a project, good data management practices mean more efficient research and a higher quality research product. Such skills are also a prerequisite for data sharing, a practice that is increasingly required by journal publishers and funding agencies.


Need to improve your data management skills?

DARIS at FORS recognizes the need for researchers to improve their skills in these different domains and is stepping in to provide expertise. Our services include data management workshops and one-to-one counseling for researchers. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

We will also be providing materials and resources on this website as time goes on, so please stay tuned!